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Few Questions About Mk5 Fiesta

17 January 2013 - 09:55 PM

Hey guys, just got a few questions about my MK5 Fiesta (MK 4 facelift in other countries)

1) What size is the rear wiper? Mine was missing when I bought it so... Yeah.

2) It's the 1.3 endura-e engine, how many miles should I get to a full tank?

3) It's done 74.5k ish miles, when should I expect to need to replace the front wheel bearings and driveshafts?

4) The gear change into 1st is getting a little difficult/rough, is this normal at this mileage?

5) It doesn't have the boot lid spoiler as standard, how easy is it to fit one? (The standard ford unit, not some chavy wail tail)

6) The power steering has 2 wires going to it that are clearly visible. My dads never had a car with power steering so we aren't sure if it's the pump or sensor wires. One of the two wires has either been cut or has just fallen off, but everything works okay and there are no warning lights on the dash. Help?

7) I would like a rev counter and an engine temp guage, how hard is it to find/fit these?

Thanks :)

Howdy Y'all

17 January 2013 - 07:13 PM

Howdy y'all, the names Aaron but y'all can call me skate. Just got my first car, 2001 Ford Fiesta Flight 1.3. Only had it 4 days and I love it already! I thought I'd join here to get to know some guys, some tips, common problems and other general help.

Now to answer the commonly asked questions by my work colleagues: It's white, it's a 3 door, it cost me £625 to buy and £2444.46 to insure. I'm 20 years old and passed my test in December.

So yeah that's me... Hi.