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Clunk Near Side When Turning And Bald Outer Edge Of Tyre

20 January 2013 - 09:18 PM


Been a lurker for a while but after some info / advice is poss please.

I have a 2010 Mondeo 2.2 Diesel Estate, a couple of weeks ago i reversed off of my drive, stopped, put full right hand lock and started to pull away and felt a 'clunk' through my near side front wheel, at the time i thought i had driven over a stone or something, didnt think nothing of it. Yesterday it happened again and then again this morning although this morning it happened a couple of times. Seems to happen when first pulling off.

I have also noticed that the outer edge of the near side front wheel is bald. I check my tyres on a regular basis and didn't notice the worn tyre last time i checked my pressures maybe just over a week ago. The rest of the tyre has plenty of tread remaining, tyre is only a year old.

I have a feeling it maybe a CV joint but would welcome anyones thoughts / advice on this. Taking it too the garage later this week to have it looked at.

Many thanks