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2.0Tdci Clutch Issue

22 January 2013 - 01:51 AM

Hello all!

I posted this in general before I realised there was a dedicated Focus section, so I do apologise if you've read this twice!

I am new to this forum and admittedly I am not overly mechanically savvy but I do know the basics and have savvy men in the family who can do anything mechanical but are knowledgable in BMW's rather than Ford's so this is where I need your help!

Basically, I purchased a Focus late last year. 19k on the clock. Find out the flywheel was severely damaged. Ford want 2k for a repair job so my dad offers to do this. (Now, my dad can do anything you need on a car, rebuild engines, fit head gaskets etc but he is cloudy when it comes to Ford's as we have owned BMW's for a very long time.)

My dad replaced the flywheel, clutch, starter motor, pressure bled the clutch, checked gear linkage but we have one problem. We can't disengage the clutch. It will go into any gear when the engine is off, but once running, it will not go into gear.
We have searched everywhere, partially knowlegable views online, but mainly unknowledgable, contacted SACHS (who recommended the clutch plate might be catching, so to pump the clutch to free it...this of course did not work.) so before we strip it back down and remove that ridiculously heavy gearbox again I would like all the mechanically savvy people to help shed light on the possible problems/solutions.

I would hugely appreciate your help.