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Please Help Ford Ka Indicator Issue

22 January 2013 - 04:57 PM

heya all

brought this x plate ka2 it runs lovely but when i indicate right the indicators flash at double speed i have replaced all the bulbs, the relay and the indicator stalk but still have the same issue i found the 3 earth points on the back of the car removed and cleaned them and done them up nice and tight anybody know of a common fault on these cars because i am at a total loss as to what is causeing it any help would be pukka .

cheers smangle.

p.s just to confirm the lights work as they should with the hazards on just not indicating right i have also noticed that the plastic protector on the back of the headlight is missing and the light fittings for main beam and dip beam are quite rusty would this be the cause of the problem or are they on a differant circuit. again any help would be wicked cheers