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Ford Focus 2007 1.8Tdci Obd2 Code Storage

28 April 2013 - 10:16 PM

My Focus has twice failed with error messages on the dashboard and the red warning light illuminated. The first time was engine overheat caused by a stuck thermostat no mil code was stored,this was at the Ford service agent. Today a year later the engine management system failure light came on and the engine de-powered. I stopped and re-started the engine, it was back to normal with no light showing. I connected up my pc and though all the usual voltages, temperatures, RPM, and fuel pressures were shown, no stored MILcodes. I of course suspect its the EGR sticking, but why no stored codes?

2007 Passenger Fuse Box Layout

22 January 2013 - 06:34 PM


My cigar lighter that powers my satnav socket has stopped working. Strangely the boot auxilary still has power, its just the !Removed! lighter thats down The owners hand book has the wrong fuse board in it compared with my Diesel Estate and its dark and cold outside. Can anyone post a layout or give me the amperage and colour of the fuse that's gone.

Why are Ford so stupid