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In Topic: Focus Virgin Looking For A Little Help On Rear Wiper

27 January 2013 - 10:20 AM

Hi guys thanks again and sorry for the delay replying

The the wiper is a job for today , i did noticed the other the tube had popped of and connected it back together but when used the washer yesterday it it leaked all over the parcel shelf so im going to unscrew the jet and go from there.

Off topic question do the rear drums on these comes off easily or do i need a puller of some sort? think the rear shoes are shot.


In Topic: Focus Virgin Looking For A Little Help On Rear Wiper

23 January 2013 - 10:55 AM

Hi firstly can't believe how quick you guys responded thank very much!

Stoney871 Great & simple solution with the carpet spray didn't think of that lol ! thanks

Do you know if the loom to the wiper is easy to replace i have read the wiring goes down the passenger side light cluster from memory so is it a case of a plug and short run of loom to the motor?

I only picked it up yesterday evening just few niggles need sort some the paint chips ,scratch on passenger airbag cover not sure if i should replace it or leave its no biggy , always had rovers pretty much but enough is enough and the wife is sick of me spending money on head gaskets.

Thanks again both :)