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Focus Virgin Looking For A Little Help On Rear Wiper

23 January 2013 - 06:55 AM

Hi All

Focus virgin coming across from a Rover 45

Just purchased a MK1.5 2003 Zetec which has a minor issue which the previous owner had his garage attempt cure but apparently no luck .
The rear wiper stops working on occasion and the roof lining is currently not correctly seated by the the tail gate rubber seal.
I was looking in the dark when i got it home from picking it so not the best conditions but how does the roof lining attach are they normally glued ?
The foam and the fabric have separated so i do i need to glue that back together and whats the best adhesive to use if needed?
i've done some research on both the roof lining and this intermittent wiper issue but not really much joy apart from the wires can break from rubbing against the roof.

Thanks in advance.