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06 1.8Tdci. Couple Of Error Codes And An Egr Question

21 October 2014 - 06:16 PM

Evening all.

I have had in the past 6 months the phantom "engine systems fault" come up on the dash a few times. Quickly pullover and restart the car and everything is rosy.

Today however the light wouldn't go off and I was forced to call the AA.

Two codes came up:

P0489: EGR system control.

P0670: Heater plug monitor function interrupted.

AA chap sprayed some sort of aerosol in through the pipe toward the EGR. Still nothing productive happened and I have had to use the M1 in limp mode. However 5 miles from home the fault disappeared and normal play resumed. Two miles later it came back and I've limped home again.

So some questions.

If I need to clean the EGR valve, how easy is it to do? I haven't got a pot to pee in at the moment so would like to do what I can.

What is a blanking plate? I got a load of results about them. What do they do?

Any ideas on the glow plug issues?