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Loose Lighter Socket

30 August 2013 - 11:58 AM

Hi All,


I have recently upgraded the old fusion to a focus c-max. To which I am very happy with. There is one small hitch which is a broken cigarette lighter socket up front with me. Took out the one in the boot which worked fine so just replaced the unit.


I now have a problem of the new socket (genuine ford part) not being secured to the console and constantly coming out of the console when pulling out an appliance.


Before I get the super glue out and glue the bracket in. Are there any sensible solutions?






Unusual Screen Wash Problem

24 January 2013 - 09:01 AM

Hello all.

Hoping to get some advice as to what has happened. Had my clutch replaced a couple of months ago which obviously meant the battery was disconnected. No problem just reprogram the radio and I'm away. However since having it done my front screen wash does not work!

Don't think it's a case of getting a pin out and cleaning it either.

Some info:

1. I can't hear the sw motor noise when trying to use the front washer.

2. The rear washer is perfectly normal. I hear the sw motor and water comes out.

3. Front and rear wipers are working fine.

Before I drive 35 miles to the mechanic who did the clutch, is there anything I can do? I presume front and back run off of the same motor and fuse?

Many thanks