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Please Help. Heater Problems

10 January 2015 - 03:14 PM

hello all. I have a problem on my 2003 focus estate 1.8 tddi .. the heater is only working sporadically. the heater matrix has been flushed through and blown through with an air line. I have had a brand new thermostat and housing fitted and still its the same.. the car starts and runs fine. the temperature gauge starts on cold and slowly rises to sit in the middle. it doesn't over heat but does smell hot and the electric fan will come on even this time of year. it has been to three local garages who have spent two days on it. they don't have any answers. please can anyone help. I cant afford to pay ford main dealer prices for them to look at it and then there is no guarantee they will know.. please help, thanks, Steve.

Tel 07909994973 Norwich