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25 January 2013 - 10:27 PM

I've posted in the ka section of the forums but I think I should have posted the problem here. If anyone has any experience with streetka alarm/central locking, please take a look at my thread in the streetka forums.
Thank you so much!


25 January 2013 - 09:44 PM

Hello, all!

I'm Perry from Blackpool. I just bought a 2004 StreetKA luxury in silver for the wife!

Streetka Central Locking/alarm

25 January 2013 - 09:37 PM

First of all, hello, all!
I bought a 2004 streetKA yesterday at a bargain price. I was made aware that the central locking only worked with the key in the door. I took the car anyway and decided to get as far as I could before seeking advice...So, here goes!

1 - The key fob communicates with the car.
2 - Pressing the lock button causes the passenger side to lock, then unlock; drivers door remains silent; no lights flash.
3 - the key in the drivers door locks both doors.
4 - the key in passenger door locks the passenger door, then unlocks again.
5 - if I press the lock button on the key fob, whilst simultaneously, manually locking the drivers door causes the lights to flash, as the manual says, to show that the central locking has worked.
6 - if I disconnect the drives door like/trunk wiring and then press lock on the key fob, the lights flash and the passenger door locks.
7 - at no point has the alarm seemed to arm. It has not sounded or given me any indication that it's on.

That's as detailed as I have been with diagnostics. Here are my queries:

Would this have an affect on the alarm system not arming or am I looking at separate issues? (I've changed fuse 33, still nothing)

How do I get the locking motor out of the door and where is it?

I'm no electrician but with your guys' help, I might be able to solve the alarm problem!

Thanks in advance!