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What Do You Reckon To This?

27 January 2013 - 05:05 PM

Hey guys, I was just wondering what you reckoned to this:

Fiesta on Ebay

Basically, I know it's in pretty bad shape, but as a project where I could progressively put things right, it looks kind of promising. They reckon it's mechanically sound, which is a good point to start off, but I'm wondering about the price. Thinking of dropping a bid on, but don't really know what the car is worth in this state. The bodywork says to me perhaps the car hasn't been treated that well (not sure someone would manage to put a dent in every single panel on a car they loved and took care of!

The plastic door trims would be an easy fix, but, even though my friend is a panel beater, so I'd get mates rates, I think it'll still cost a fair bit to get back into shape.

So firstly, would you touch this, and secondly, for how much?