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Major Coolant Leak

29 March 2015 - 12:21 PM

Mk2 (07 plate) 100K 1.8 TDCi


My wife was driving my car when suddenly the temp gauge hit the red and the displayed referred to overheating plus usual selection of dash lights.


She stopped and waited until we arrived. We added more water and noted it appeared to be leaking out even as we were filling it up. 


The leak appears to be on the drivers side and is being splashed around by the pulley system so it is very hard to see where the leak is from the top as you get a face full of spray.


This happens when the car is cold or hot and looks like it is well beyond my fixing capability on the drive. I don't think it is the thermostat housing as I read that this is normally more obvious an issue when the engine is hot but I could have misunderstood.


Seems more like the coolant pump or something in that area? Is this a common issue? This did not seem to be in the common issues thread but then I might have missed it as I was running through it. 


I am after some ideas as to what it is likely to be so that when the garage come back with their assessment I am at least semi informed.