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Police Specification Focus

30 January 2013 - 11:37 AM

Morning all,

Back in late December I bought a 56 plate 1.8 TDCI hatch for the other half.

It is my fifth ex plod motor, have had Volvo, BMW and Skoda. All have been a good buy and most of them are not that expensive. I just wanted to open discussion with regards to my personal experience of having bought a variety of ex police vehicles and crack myths and possible pitfalls.

Generally all decent manufacturers will have a specific production line that has nothing else but emergency vehicles for UK and European consumption, many of these will be Ford. Police print outs of services, both A & B services will be there. The V5 will be in the title of the Chief Constable of the relevant force.

Ford specifically have an outfit in Essex, Special Vehicle Preparation (SPV) that fits all essential looms, part wiring and vehicle hard points for comms and video equipment. All of this is visible in the real passenger area and boot in most cases. All SVP vehicles will have a white sticker on the drivers door with the lot number and type of vehicle specification thatr has been requested. A handy contact number for SVP is included as well for obtaining wiring diagrams that are not standard Ford fit.

My Focus was a Welsh CID vehicle, no signs of police radios or mangled dash here. All the extra cabling os neatly rolled up in the boot along with the mountings for the radio frame. Never used. Bigger battery and a slightly beefed up alternator is evident.

I will post some picture for the forum to digest this week of little bits I have discovered.

Hope this is of interest to the forum.


Be Gentle With Me.

28 January 2013 - 11:29 AM

Hello to you all,

Just joined this morning and hope to be able to gain knowledge from you all with help and advice on my Focus.

I am an older member, sadly not wiser in the car department as yet, but am willing to learn.

Take care