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Intermittent Powersteering - '06 Fiesta 1.6 Diesel

28 January 2013 - 08:16 PM


Hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I'm having with my car - '06 Fiesta 1.6 Diesel.

Recently, and now pretty much every journey, I play powersteering roulette.

When I start the car, I sometimes have powersteering and sometimes don't. Sometimes it kicks in after about 20 seconds, sometimes it doesn't.

I've had the car checked out by 2 garages. The first has said I need a new steering rack and recommended not to drive the car. The other garage couldn't find any issue or replicate the problem?!

I've been told that the powersteering pump/motor is working fine, there doesn't appear to be any leaks from that or the rack.

If I've been without powersteering, sometimes when I restart the engine a few times, I can get it to kick back in.

Also, once the powersteering is working, it never cuts out and there is never a warning light on the dash.

I'm getting the feeling that it might be an electrical problem...maybe a faulty connector?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.