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31 January 2013 - 10:40 AM

Just got back from main stealers and the full diagnosis is " At some time in the cars life water has got into the fusebox in the passenger footwell under the glove compartment. Although there is no sign of water now, the wiring loom and fuse box have become corroded and need replacing" This would normally cost £1599 but lucky me got a discount and will only be charged £1379 (plus diagnostic costs)

The car was three and a half months old when I purchased it and was probably leaking through the windscreen before it left the factory and the leak was fixed but nothing else. I now somehow have to prove Ford where negligent in the original repair (assuming it was Ford who did it) by only fixing the source of the leak.

As to the previous repair this was done under warranty and I have not as yet been billed. I am expecting the car back later today I will let you know what happens watch this space (not hopefull)