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Ford Mondeo Mk3 Tdi Rear Brake Sticking On. Help!

01 February 2013 - 10:31 AM

I have an 02 plate mk3 diesel mondeo. during the three years I have owned the car I have had problems with the handbrake sticking on causing the brakes to overheat, Usually in the winter in freezing conditions. A month ago I replaced the handbrake cables as I suspected they were full of water and freezing up. I noticed when I renewed them that the handbrake levers on the calipers where not returning to their stops so I attempted to free off the pivots with WD40 working them to and fro. Everything seemed ok for a week or so and then I noticed that the rear hubs where getting warm as tho the handbrake was sticking on slightly. I decided to renew the calipers (which I completed both sides just yesterday) and the levers where perfectly free (as you'd expext) until fitted to the car (following the correct manufactures and manual instructions). After I had bled the brakes, and refitted the handbrake cables, and opperated the handbrake, I noticed that the levers where NOT going fully back on their stops and also the brakes were binding a little. However when I forced the levers back on to their stops the brakes where completely free. I spoke to the manufacures of the calipers (J&R trading) and they suggested resetting the calipers, and then driving the car without the handbrake cables attatched, in order to settle the pistons/brakes in. I followed this, reconnected the handbrake and things seemed better, however after driving the car 4 or 5 miles this morning the nearside rear hub had got really hot, and when I checked the handbrake lever (on the back of the caliper) was way off its stop. Having levered it back onto its stop, the brake was immediately free.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!