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02 February 2013 - 05:20 PM

What sort of guide wouldn't help you put the headlight back in? Honestly people! Grab your headlight lets go ...


Replacing the headlight back into the mounting:

Posted Image

Meanwhile at your car lol.

Plug the connector back in and ensure the lights are working! Do not do anything else untill you have otherwise you'll be scrolling all the way back to the top of this guide...bad times.

All working? Are you now blinded by the pure brilliance ... Odds are no, its still daylight ha ha
Anyway ...

So remember the little plastic tabs on the headlight
Posted Image

Those will play a key part in making this part SO So Simple.

Insert the bottom (narrow) part of your headlight into the mounting first. After all it was this part that made it hard removing it in the first place.

Posted Image

With the headlight in place at the bottom (ensure the plates for the bolt and rivet are UNDER the grill and not ontop)
tilt the headlight and work on getting those plastic tabs into under the bodywork
Posted Image

During this step, odds are you will head the plastic clip at the bottom of the headlight clip into place and the headlight will fit snug. If this hasn't happened, have a good place around. Don't worry, there is only One way for the headlight to sit correctly and multiple ways to get it there.

Posted Image
Insert the bottom part of the rivet

Posted Image
Followed by the top part

Replace the other two bolts and washer, reconnect the connector at the back of the headlight. Close the bonnet and marvel the fact your indicator isn't orange
Posted Image

Now... we wait for the darkness to fall

Result to follow

Hope this has helped or given confidence to those wanting to give it a go.
Rogue Shadow