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Over-Revving C-Max 2004

04 February 2013 - 03:53 PM

Hi. We have had a problem with our c-max for some months.

Initially, it was under-revving and would stall at traffic lights and junctions.No warning lights at all. The local Ford dealer put it on the diagnosis machine which showed no problems. They suggested a new battery. This helped and the car no longer under-revs or stalls - instead of this, it is massively over-revving at 2000RPM, most of the time!

Just spoken to Ford and asked them if they could check the ICV, as this is the problem I have noted from much internet trawling, but they inform me that there is no ICV on this model and tyhat it could be the MAF(?) or any of a number of other problems and that it will need re-diagnosing.

Could I ask a) if this is correct; B) what else the problem might be; c) how easy is it for a complete novice to remedy; and d) how much would it cost for a garage to sort it out?

Thanks in advance for your help.