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Advice Please On Rusty Pulley

08 September 2013 - 07:18 PM

Hi peeps

Im afraid im yet again asking for more advice.  After giving my car and engine a good look over I noticed that one of the Pulleys is extremely rusty.  The one in question is (looking at it from the front of the car) is the one thats closest to the driver.  It also has the air con pipes passing close to it.  I cant see any wires or anything attached to it but cant see all the way around it tho.  It appears to be bolted to the engine and is attached to a large piece of square alloy.  I have tried to work out what it is but one diagram says its the Alternator, the other says the Idle pully ?  The pully doesnt seem to be making any bad noises but im just worried about the general condition of it as the rest of the engine is in nearly mint condition.  I have noticed that rain water seems to be entering the engine bay via the holes where the wiper arms sit.  many thanks for your advice


many thanks


Burning Oil Smell After Hard Acceleration 2008 Fiesta

27 August 2013 - 01:28 AM

Hi all

Bit of advice if possible.

I have a 2008 MK6 Fiesta with just over 17,000 on the clock.  Apart from a hesitation problem the car runs fine but it does seem to use a bit of Oil.  I did a run to clacton at the weekend and checked the oil before which was around 3/4.  A week later i again checked and it was just below the half mark.  Im putting casterol 10/40 in which it says on the manual.  But Ive noticed that if I accelerate hard I get a sort of burning smell for a few seconds after.  There no smoke from the exhaust and definately no oil patches under the car.  Ive checked all over the engine bay and its still inmint condition to.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  Oh the car is used mostly for shorty journeys during the week with a good run at the weekends if that makes in difference



Jim :)

Dtc B1312 Code. Please Help

18 July 2013 - 08:31 PM

Hi all

I bought a program and lead to connect my fiesta to my laptop to check for fault codes.  Its brought up one which says B1312.  Ive looked this up and the code means - Headlamp input circuit battery short.  Does anyone know what this means.  The on board screen shows a code that says the battery has dropped below 12v at some point but have been told this is nothing to worry about.  Are the two linked and any ideas how I can correct this


kind regards


Suddenly Using A Lot Of Fuel Help Please

14 July 2013 - 02:27 AM


I currenlty have an un answered post as my car has started hessitating when I go to accelorate but ive noticed that the fuel mpg has gone down massively.  I usually use the car to get to work and its only 3 miles away and the car doesnt always warm up.  Today I started of with the gauge showing 80 miles until empty but when i completed the trip of 3 miles the gauge said id used 10 miles worth of fuel.  I have changed the spark plugs so far but waiting until pay day to try other things.  Any ideas would be great.  Oh theres no dash lights or anything unusual


many thanks


Help- 2008 1.4 Keeps Loosing Power

08 July 2013 - 06:35 PM

Hi all

I have a Ford Fiesta climate 1.4 on a 2008 plate.  I bought it 6 months ago from a fiesta dealer and only had 14,000 miles on the clock when I bought it.  it now has just over 17,000.  It had (apparently) a full service when I bought it and went well at the start but in the last week or so Ive noticed the car suddenly looses power.  it starts first time other that a week ago when it took 2 tries but has been fine since.  The main problem seems to be when accelorating.  The car sometimes takes of fine but then other times it feels like it wants to go but like its being held back.  I took the car for a 30 mile run tonight and one min it was fine, the next it felt like it was slightly struggling to accelorate.  ive order some new plugs in.  if they make no difference i was wondering if it could be the Coil Pack

any advice would be appreciated


many thanks

Jim :(