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Ford Aux/ Usb And Bluetooth Problems :)

26 September 2015 - 09:42 PM

Hi to all. I'm looking for some advice regarding my 2008 focus titanium. I bought it in Feb and it was fitted with a parrot system which I hated. I removed this system as I wanted to use the aux and USB connections. So after removing I plugged everything back into the quad lock but noticed that the ground for both the aux and steering wheel control had been cut. I also noticed the ground wire coming from the aux white plug was brown/white yet the wire from the loom was black. I re-connected the wires and the steering wheel control worked but the aux was still dead. I've looked for any other cut wires and even removed the centre arm rest to check the connections, checked Bluetooth module and checked it's all plugged in but all appears fine. I bought a new aux wiring from fords with the aux socket at one end with the white plug on the other, plugged it in and although I can play music via the aux the left speakers are extremely distorted and sound awful, but there fine with the radio and cd. I also replaced the aux in cable but the same results. The Bluetooth won't connect to my iPhone and the USB will only charge. I've formatted a new 4gb flash drive with fat32 and plugged it in but not a thing from the head unit, it's like it's not connected. The head unit is the ford Sony MP3 oval shape (not dab). I'd really appreciate any help on this as driving me up the wall
Many thanks