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Finally Getting Decent Mpg From The New 1.0L Focus Ecoboost

04 April 2013 - 09:15 AM

A while ago i got a 2013 Focus Zetec S 1.0 125 and was in complete horror at the fact the dial was reading 33mpg average.  I tried every possible way to get the mpg up but even driving for an hour at night on a motorway could only achieve 35.  Well after 1600 miles i have finally seen 40mpg.  Since 2006 Ive had 6 brand new cars(one being a mini and the other 5 fords from a fiesta ST500 to a fiesta econetic) and I know they have to be run in but I have never exoerienced a car so far off its published mpg(56.5 mpg).  Anyway probably by 4/5000 miles it will be up towards mid 40's but just a bit of info for anyone getting one of these cars dont panic, it will get better

Proof That The New Ecosboost Engines Mpg Reading Is Wrong By A Big Margin

18 February 2013 - 12:22 PM

ive just proved that the MPG reading is wrong and ive got it all in black and white.
My father in law had a 2011 focus zetec 1.6 100ps and he was getting around 38mpg and a tank of around 330 miles for about £57 worth of fuel. he has now got one the same car but the 1.0 ecoboost 100bhp version. He is currently getting 35.1mpg but he said he doesnt seem to be filling up as often. He keeps receipts for everything so I went through his last 8 receipts of the old car and the last 8 receipts for the new car and sure as hell it showed what i thought. The MPG reading is miles out.
last 8 receipts on old car all read between £53-£55(this is slightly less but to be fair petrol was slighty cheaper so with the petrol at the same price its near as damn it identical) and he filled up 8-10 days. The 8 receipts from the new car read £54-£59 however the gap between each receipt was 10-13 days. Now obviously he doesnt drive exact amount of miles each week but doesnt use car much at weekends so there is only probably 50 miles difference at mot. So for the fuel tank to be the same size(which it must be as the petrol bills are the same) the MPG must be wrong because the new car according to the readout is doing about 5mpg less which based on an 11 gallon fuel tank means it should be doing 55 miles less than the old car which means a fuel tank would only be averaging about 280 miles but its doing around 440. As I said previously the readout could read 1mpg for all i care all Im interested in is the actual amount of money Im spending but if people are buying this car based on cheap fuel costs and look at the MPG they arent going to be very happy. I drove home from mile end to rainham last night on the A13. Anyone who knows this stretch of road knows it is littered with average speed cameras so i couldnt go faster than 50(in some areas 40) if i wanted to. I stuck in 6th gear, didnt go above 2000rpm in fact didnt get anywhere near 2000rpm and still i couldnt not get it to average more than 37mpg. Surely this must have been picked up/flagged up as Im sure management and staff at Fords have these cars. God knows how slow you would have to drive to achieve 40mpg. The only comfort Ive got is knowing that Im getting alot more out of one tank. Ive done 130 miles and tank still says 287 miles left. On acceleration(not hard acceleration up to about 2300 in first gear) i get a readout of 4-5mpg, ive had mr2 turbo subaru impreza turbo rover coupe turbo and under hard accelaration(im talking 5000rpm) ive not even seen mpg that low. This explains why this new engine is being slated by everyone.

Mpg's On The New Ecoboost Engines

05 February 2013 - 02:28 PM

i currently have a 1.6 2011 Focus Zetec 125bhp but am taking delivery on Saturday of a brand new 62 plate Focus zetec s 1.0t 125bhp with 18" alloy wheels and privacy glass. ive read loads of reviews saying the quoted MPG is miles out. i just wanted to check if anyone had one of these cars and what the MPG is like. I drive 21 miles each way to work and 18 miles of that is motorway and against the traffic. i currently get around 38-40 mpg(official figure is 47) which isnt bad as i dont have any desire to drive around at 55mph to get the quoted figure. i always allow 10% less than the quoted figure for the way i drive. however some reviews are saying they get low 30's which i dont believe unless they are constantly stop starting and using the turbo. i didnt particularly buy this car for economy. the deal i got was pretty decent(paid just over £16k for a £21k car) and my monthly payments are actually £3 less than what they were so along with the £100 tax saving a year and £80 insurance saving, as long as i get late 30's MPG then ive saved money and got a lot higher spec car. The way my journey is I happen to think this car will benefit me quite a bit as i will be in 6th gear at particularly low revs so i reckon i will be getting early to mid 40's but was wondering if anyone has got the engine already and what figures they have?



05 February 2013 - 02:06 PM


Im Andy, 29 from EsseX. Currently have a 2011 Frozen White Zetec 125bhp Focus with Appearance pack