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In Topic: Is There A Hidden Usb Port In A Mk4 Mondeo???

11 February 2013 - 05:06 PM

Probably bad form to reference other forums, and I apologise for that, but I have included the link so the appropriate people are credited...

I did more research myself - the rogue cable appears to be something to do with the passenger airbag but the full story seems to be:-


Behind the glove box you will find the main wiring harness.
On pre 08/2008 Mondeo's (fitted with BT/VT) there was an 8 pin socket and a plug looped wires to control the microphone wiring (6000/Sony or satnav).
On post 08/2008 Mondeo's (BT/VC now fitted as standard) there is a 22 pin socket and plug with looped wires, this varies the AUX socket wirng for BT/VC only (aux direct to stereo) or BT/VC+USB (aux to BT/VC module, stereo output from BT/VC module to stereo).

Therefore AUX socket in glove box has 3 wires.

If you can find a Ford dealer who knows how to upgrade the software on a BT/VC only module (later 19G488 with usb socket), you would only need to get :-

Cable Assembly 1543691 £20.14 Cable from the BVC to the USB Socket
Control AS 1543450 £3.15 USB Socket
Bezel 1540778 £5.55 Plate to mount USB in glove box

Otherwise you will need a 19C112 module as well.

Unfortunately I cannot post any pictures of the above socket, or it's exact position as my Mondeo was a 12/2007 build without BT/VC.


The date the wiring changed is given as 08/2008 by Ford, but any car built within a month or so of this date should be visualy checked (to confirm wiring)before ordering any parts.

In Topic: Is There A Hidden Usb Port In A Mk4 Mondeo???

06 February 2013 - 12:30 PM


Realise I'm replying to an old topic now - but I bought the USB connection 1543450 and the back of it looks like you plug in a female USB cable and not the 6 pin plug I have exposed from the side of the glovebox. So I appear to be short a piece of wiring or adapter - any thoughts?

Also bought that bezel and can't work out where that would snap in?