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Oil Type - Full Service - 1.6 Duratec 23K

10 June 2014 - 05:01 PM

Hi all, I call on your collective expertise again.

Looking to provide my own oil for my full service and MOT (non ford garage but approved parts) but wanted to know a few things so I get it right now and in the future. I know I need 5w30, can people tell me about their preferences and also

How much oil do I need (4 or 5l)
Semi (lol) or synthetic?
Best for engine longevity?
Should I get a magnetic sump while I'm on?
Also should I get an engine cleaner to mix in at the garage before they change the oil?

I generally drive town with few m/way miles, I do use the town bypass daily to avoid traffic but the engine is only running 30 minutes a time.

I should also add it's a focus mk 2.5

Thanks in advance.


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Festoons Or 501S?

19 January 2014 - 07:00 PM

Hi all

Nice easy one most likely, will be replacing all interior lighting on my MK 2.5 Focus, I can see that the the footwell has 501 fittings ready and waiting, but what are the interiors that are in the boot/number plate and of course between the driver and passenger?

Also has anyone ever added additional fittings to the rear passenger area? Dark as hell back there when loading my daughter into her seat after nursery etc.

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Wheel Locking Nuts.

13 November 2013 - 10:22 PM

Can anyone tell me how many wheel lock nut keys you get as standard?

Got in the car the other day and the seat was different to how I left it and there was stuff from the glove box on the seat. Thought nothing of it and contined on my way, got down the road and the info light was telling me the boot wasn't closed properly, again thought nothing of it after shutting it, just assumed the mrs had been dopey, of course when she asked me why the wheel locking nut was on the seat with the rest of the contents of the glove box, alarms went off. Some possibilities are:

One of us has left the car open and an opportunist has had a rummage for something quick and valuable (and only found baby stuff) or they have the other wheel nut key(if it exists) and will be back for the wheels at a later date.

The car is 2nd hand and I would never have thought to check it but if they come with 2 as standard. If they do I'm off down to halfords tomorrow to get a replacement set.

As always help is appreciated



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Mk 2.5 Idle Speed And Cut Out Issues.

24 September 2013 - 05:04 PM

Hi all

Looking for advice on an issue I'm facing with my 10 plate petrol focus. My partner reported to me that the car was cutting out when approaching junctions and cornering however this hadn't happened to me, after a bit of covert observations I determined that she takes said corners with the clutch pressed and not in gear, I do not as a general rule of thumb. After a while I managed to replicate it and became more aware of the idle speeds dipping when sat on the drive or at junctions. Its since been through an MOT and had an intermediate service. So my question is, short of taking it in for diagnostics (not priced up yet) or re teaching my partner how to drive (she swears she was taught that way and passed?) What action can I take to resolve it?

I have recorded a 30 second video that I can upload to YouTube and link here if needed