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Gears Stuck Whilst Driving Couldn't Change Gear

08 February 2015 - 01:11 PM

I had to drive home about a mile or more in second gear and if I had to stop I would have stalled as the clutch wasn't any good either anyway got home the nice guy at the garage com and gave me a loan car anyway he said it was the gear linkage cable that had broke and he has reached it bearing mind I only bought it two weeks ago the first week it was cutting out, new valves or valve the. This I' e been i. The loan car more than I have my own oh also the doors wouldn't close right they fixed the passenger door said they had ordered latches from ford but my drivers door is still not latching on. like it bounces out and I have to pull it hard for the console to stop saying drivers door open all these faults and I've only been in My car about week if I'm lucky I don't know what to do!? I have an AA 6month warranty from them but my confidence is gone with the car totally and I ts them I bought it as a family car with my two kids hopefully getting safe to wherever we go. I just want a reliable safe car for my kids that's all is that too much to ask? That's why I went to a dealer, any suggestions are very welcome


1.6 Climate 2005 Cutting Off When Stopping

22 January 2015 - 08:31 PM

Hi hopefully someone can help me as above my Focus, especially coming up to red lights, sometimes cuts out and the revs are erratic? It seems like when I'm coming up to the red light I press clutch into neutral and when coasting to stop the engine cuts out but with no chugging just silently when I look at dash the engine light is out, I then just restart the car and go?? I was thinking about getting some redex anyone think this will help? I'm wondering if the spark plugs are clogged? Anyway hopefully it's not something bad thanks.

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