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2006 Mondeo Front Wheel 'popping' Noise On Full Lock Reverse?

07 February 2013 - 09:48 AM

I've had to resort to the wisdom of other mondeo owners to help me with this issue.

For a while now, I've been experiencing a concerning noise from my front passenger side wheel when reversing on full lock. It doesn't happen every time but it is often and I can only describe it as a 'pop' as if something is not moving as it should then suddenly catches up with a jump.

First I checked the pressure and wheel nut tightness, all fine. Last night I jacked the whole front end up and removed both wheels. Everything seemed to move as it should, nothing seemed looser than it should be and bar a slight bit of play when spinning the hubs, nothing rattled etc. I couldn't see or hear anything sinister going on at all. I'm not a mechanic but I am an engineer so I expected to find maybe a knackered bearing or ball joint.

If anyone could help with some ideas or even if they have come across this before, I'll be a very happy bunny. Don't want to put my car in for diagnostics to find it was an easy fix :)

Thanks in advance