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Legal Cover: Yay Or Nay?

Today, 10:12 AM

So im currently looking at quotes and amazingly Llyods are cheapest for me! :o


I am wondering how important is Legal cover and should i get it at £2.17 extra per month? I dont think i have ever had it previously and if i had i nver said yes to it haha.



Anyone Put These In A New Focus?

16 September 2014 - 09:49 AM

Was just browsing the bay and found these




Look like they could be a nice little extra,


So far only found them on the new focus.



Servicing Myself

15 August 2014 - 11:52 AM

Hi all,


Just looking for some quick advice, I am going to service my Focus myself for the first time as the service plan i had just wasnt looking to be the value for money they make it seem.


I serviced my old astra and corsa before that so have a good idea what im doing haha :P


Just wanted to know about engine flush as i read somewhere this is a good thing to do with diesels. How does this work/how do i do it?


I'm going to be getting the following Oil http://www.eurocarpa...71b30e30


Is that suitable?


Also i hear the oil filter is in a rather silly place, i havent looked myself but is this true?



Should We Trust Garages?

01 August 2014 - 09:50 AM

Hi All,


Im sure most have read about what happen to Jeebs in a previous thread and I too have a story to share about a garage.


It didnt happen to me personally but through my work I deal with people buying cars and also dealers that sell them.


I had a call from a customer who was due to take their vehicle in for a service but was nervous taking it to the garage she got it from (we lease disabled people vehilces) whilst asking some questions she advised me that when she went to test drive a car the garage didnt have what she was looking for in stock.


They did however have someone elses in for an MOT which the salesmen swiftly grabbed the keys and took the customer out in someone elses car! the customer wasnt to keen on this but the dealer informed her it is fine and they do it all the time!


After seeing the other thread and being made aware of TWOCing  i advised the customer of this and that she does not have to go to them and that she should probably look at going to tradeing standards.


It seems that dealerships and garages do take a bit of liberty with our cars so im happy ive got my dash cam in now as ive lost a lot of trust in them.

Law On Driving With A Headlight Out?

12 July 2014 - 09:24 PM

Hi all recently noticed I have a headlight out drivers side dipped beam. Few questions...

1. What is the law on driving with it out? I've been pulled a few time in the past and just got told to get it fixed but if I get pulled again it could be a fine¿

2. It keeps happening!! The drivers side dipped is constantly blowing every 1-2 months what could be causing this?

3. I was working for a well know pizza delivery company at the time so read the insurance / car check list sheet and it states a few things that have to be working on the vehicle for it to be insured. One of these was headlight in working order, when I saw this I went to my manager and said I had a headlight out to whcih she said "well you'll have to get it fixed tommorow"

I brought her up on the sheet and said I'm not insured to drive with a headlight out but she was not bothered and I had to argue with her to be cashed up so I could leave!

Last ones more of a rant but this needs to be taken up with someone and the franchisee is useless. Just think when you order pizza that car may be uninsured.

Apologies for the length haha.

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