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Hp, Pcp, Lease Purchase???

11 June 2015 - 12:45 PM

So I am currently in year 3 of my 5 year HP agreement with about £4500 left to pay off (pretty sure i got screwed when i bought the car looking at it now)


I just wondered what peoples opinions are on HP, PCP and whatever others there are.


I do near 20,000 miles a year and i know with some of them the mileage allowance can be crippling when you come to renew.


I would like to think if i part ex my car it would cover the cost of the reamining finance, certainly looks that way when I CAP check it but i'll no doubt be over zealous with what I could get :P


So what are your opinions? Which is best?

Most Expensive Focus Ever!

16 April 2015 - 02:16 PM

So browsing Trustford's website earlier and stumbled on this......



Attached File  Focus.jpg   65.08KB   35 downloads


Obvious mistake but pretty funny.......It's Only a 1 LITRE!  :P

Pipercross Air Filter

02 March 2015 - 12:53 PM

So this weekend I managed to partially service my Focus, I say partially becuse i started with the Fuel filter which was a MASSIVE BALLACHE! Followed the Haynes to the letter but the Jeffing thing just would not start, I sucked a lot of diesel Thursday :censored:Anyway i got a mate from a garage down the round to come have a look and they undid each injector seperatly and crank it over to expel any air then used a can of easy start which got the engine goin and its been fine ever since. Rant Over


I got the chance to fit my Piper Cross Air Filter and my what a differance it has made.

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The old filter was pretty dirty


Attached File  Filter 3.jpg   223.83KB   8 downloads


But a nice clean foam filter has made a massive differance, It picks up so much quicker now it feels completly different. I would defo recommend this cost £50 but when you look at the better MPG its all worth it.


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Did a run from my home in Weston to Paignton Zoo (82miles) and this was the result

Attached File  MPG.jpg   102.15KB   8 downloads


i (tried) maintained 65MPH the whole way so i'm pretty happy, its currently sitting at 57MPG  which isnt bad for only a fuel and air filter change.


To finish the post here is a picture of a goat I took from the Zoo


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Instant 50Bhp Mod!

10 February 2015 - 11:41 AM

I have found the ultimate mod for all us Petrol/Diesel heads!


It's simple and you get paid to add it to your car!!!


Not only does it add instant power but it also gives your car Swag!


So here it is!





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Potential Alternator Problem

07 February 2015 - 10:26 PM

Hey everyone.

A little while back I posted about my car just dieing completely no power at all. A new battery fixed this.

Now I am getting the same ghost like noise coming from the engine bay (like a whooooo) at low rev. So not turbo relegated.

The battery light has come on and when the car is in test mode it's showing as 12V. Car is running pretty lumpy and power steering is feeling heavy.

I've been told maybe the alternator bearing have gone.

Anyone had similar to this?