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Clicking Battery Saver Relay

09 February 2013 - 12:26 PM

Hi all.. my first post here and it's technical.

I've got an 2003 focus 3-door 1.8 zetec which was absolutely fine until the original alternator went pop last year. We took it to a garage and they fitted a replacement... that lasted 6 months then fried it'self.!

We've now had another alternator fitted..(... both are RTX units) but now when the cars ticking over at night the lights are going from dim to bright quickly as if there's not enough power at tickover to keep a constant light, electric windows are slow (lift the revs and they're ok).. and sometimes the battery light comes on even at speed.. but the worst problem is that the battery saver relay behind the glove box is clicking like crazy.!!

Irrispective of whether you're doing 70mph .. or ticking over in the drive, but as soon as you give the alternator something to do and put it under load.. ie, put the front & rear screen de-misters on.. the clicking seems to stop.

Rather than suggestions of what it might be, i'd be over the moon if someone could give me a genuine technical explaination 'before' i take it along back to the garage who did the work. I'm thinking the alternator isnt man enough for the job ..or it's faulty, and it's confusing the smart charge system with irregular voltage supply. Battery is 12.8v standing cold.. and 14-15v engine running

Cheers guys .. appreciate your help.. Paul