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In Topic: Tdci Owners Check Your Oil Levels Now

10 May 2013 - 09:07 PM

Hi Newbie. Since I posted the above (yours), further research showed that the options were to replace the DPF (faulty and causing the oil to fill with diesel), get it cleaned chemically, or remove the filter material in the DPF and put it back on. I plumped for the later with a local specialist garage. They re-programmed the ECU so that it thinks no DPF fitted also. Fantastic - no problems since, fuel consumption back to normal, accelerates quicker, engine is quieter - just a complete success!

In Topic: Dpf And Rising Oil Levels

13 February 2013 - 07:51 PM

Well I only had the filter element of the DPF removed earlier today (and ECU re-mapped) so it's early days. However, the car on the way home was fine and much happier with better acceleration and throttle response + vastly improved mpg's. If it all goes wrong, I'll let you know!

In Topic: Dpf And Rising Oil Levels

13 February 2013 - 07:33 PM

To be fair STEADS, the garage I have used for over 10 years is totally reliable and sometimes I even have trouble getting them to charge for small jobs! Have read a lot about this DPF issue and I just don't think it is that common occurrence (with diesel getting in the sump). My contact at my garage even spoke to the Diesel specialist at Ford and he said he'd never heard of it and that it was probably the DPF fluid that was getting in the oil !!! You are right in that my car is a 1.6. With this engine it uses the normal injectors to send diesel to the DPF (where as on other engines there is a separate pump), hence it was ending up in the oil. Anyway, as stated above, filter removed and it's as happy as Larry now, so, for now, touch wood, I have a good car!

In Topic: Dpf And Rising Oil Levels

13 February 2013 - 06:04 PM

No replies - heh ho! In case anyone finds this thread and wonders what happened...

I had the filter removed from the casing (by Hi Tech Engineering in Northampton - would recommend) so it's basically just a pipe now and the engine re-mapped. Totally different car; more responsive throttle, better acceleration and got 70mpg on way home as compared to 45 on the way there. Definitely consider having this done if you are having DPF problems!

In Topic: Tdci Owners Check Your Oil Levels Now

09 February 2013 - 04:27 PM

Hi. Only just found this thread (and so joinedthe forum!) due to the problems I've had recently. The story starts last September when I had to have a new Turbo fitted (broke as starved of lubrication - I had let the oil get to sludgy :( ). Then in December I had a fuel filter failure. Just mentioning these things as not sure if related to the current issue:

Last Saturday I had a warning light come on during a short journey and car went into limp home mode. AA diags said the DPF was blocked and to take it to a garage as they could regenerate it. The AA man also noted oil level was very high. As it was changed twice around the turbo failure period I presumed it had just been over filled. Anyway, local garage forced a regeneration a few days ago and cleared the warning light in doing so. Why the DPF didn't clear automatically I have no idea as I regularly do longer motorway journeys....I presume there is a fair change it will happen again if the auto-process hasn't been working.

The garage also took some oil out (2 litres so back to Max as it were) and said they would be very surprised if they overfilled it last time (beusing them for years and they are very reliable and trustworthy). They did mention it could be leaking diesel, nut unlikely, and made no relation to the DPF issue - which I have now read about! Two days later, I have checked the oiil and it has risen again - 5mm or so above the max line. What I do not know as I write this is if they took oil out before they did the regeneration, as reading above, logic says the diluted oil level will increase due to the regeneration process.

Maybe this is of help to people - any observations or suggestions welcomed! I think the next step is to lower the oil amount to max again and see if it rises again, now it is running "normally" again. I read above that using supermarket fuel could "irritate" this condition (which I use). Any views on that? Should I stick to a better known brand - any suggestions?

Thanks for your time! By the way, I have 75k on this car and owned for 4 years with very few issues!

Oh, and forgot to mention. Pre new Turbo, I was getting 55/65 mpg motorway consumption. Since new turbo, that came down to under 55 and now - since DPF problem - I am getting 45 mpg on same motorway journey! Painful!