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Few Issues With New Fiesta St (2007)

02 February 2015 - 08:57 PM

Hi all,


I have treated myself to a new car Fiesta ST (2007) and it has a couple of issues with it.


The dials on the dashboard do not come to life straight away when the ignition is on, the dash back lights come on but takes the dials between 5-10 seconds to kick in. The car will start with this issue but it doesn't seem right and I would like to correct it.


The second fault is that the drivers window will not go down all the way, and it sound like its struggling on the way back up.


And the final issue is with the electric folding wing mirror on the drivers side. As I lock the car they fold away but drivers side mirror closes then carrys on trying to close and click 3-4 times, its like a limit switch or sensor isnt being detected to tell it that the mirrors closed.


Has anyone had similar issues and has anyone have any solutions/suggestions.