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#234781 Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

Posted by Paulospanda on 10 February 2013 - 08:13 PM

Hey Guys

I picked up my new Titanium X 2013 (125 ecoboost) Fiesta last week after a long wait without a car.

I just want to asked other people with the 100/125 Ecoboost engines for their experience so far, because i'm finding it weird to drive and Im not sure if it's me, an engine problem or something I just need to get used to. Because the car wasn't available when I ordered it for a test drive I actually went in a focus and TBH I think they are very different.

- How do you find the engine at low revs? - The car is rapid when you put your foot down but seems to struggle at cruising speed.

- In other cars I drive I usually race to 5th gear but with the Ecoboost I have to stay in lower gears much longer. Is this Normal?

- 3rd seems to struggle(Can hear the engine) with anything below 26mph. Do you find the same?

- 4th after about 40~42 but I can't really get into 5th until around 48/50. While in other cars I'd get into 5th around 40. Do you find the same?

Maybe it's a case of getting used to it. Everything else about the car is awesome so far. Sync, the heated seats and keyless entry are amazing. I've seen a lot of people talk about "Drive the deal" on here and I can confirm they are great. I got a very good price and everything when through smoothly.

Thanks in advance for any replies!!!