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Help Mondeo Has Died And Wont Start!

10 March 2013 - 11:49 AM

Ok ford gurus please help me,mondeo 2.0duratec was driving along stopped at traff lights and car cut out,wouldnt quite start,would turn over and some times ran with very very low revs felt like fuel starvation but had 40miles of fuel left in the tank so stuck another 5 litres in as broke down next to a garage ,still no go had new coil plugs and ht leads 1000miles ago checked them all still solid it sometimes almost fires and if you depress the valve on injector rail fuel squirts out so fuel is gettin thru,any ideas? Thanks in advance just bought the car a month ago on ebay so very annoyed. to be clear it turns over and sometimes almost fires but not quite

2002 Mondeo Automatic Has A Stutter

11 February 2013 - 03:50 AM

Hi all new to the forum and hope somebody can help.just bought a 2002 auto 2.0 petrol drives lovely changes gear fine up and down but sometimes just cruising along at low revs it feels like the car misfires/changes gear it will do it a couple of times then carry on as usual...does it at higher speeds more than lower.now im new to autos and the car dont know if its just the auto thinking about changing gear? can somebody give me any advice? Im hoping its nothing serious as itss an ebay buy and the guy lives 100+miles away. Thanks in advance