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Ford Service - Main Dealer Or Independent?

11 February 2013 - 02:47 PM

Have an 06 1.6TDCI which has 83000 on the clock.

Just come out of a 3 year Ford Service program and have been offered another 3 year service program for around £450. I am looking at keeping the car for another 3 years.

Ford Service is OK, but they do seem to charge for absolutely everything else and if you read the check list, most of it is seems to be a visual check which makes a oil filter & oil change expensive at £150 a time.

I guess many on the forum are self maintenance people, but I really dont have the time or the knowledge.

Whats the forums thoughts on this... Main dealer or Independent garage - based Bishops stortford/Cambridge area?

If Main dealer - which one have you have good results at ?

If Independent - which one have you have good results at?