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Electrical Short Or Just Alternator?

28 February 2014 - 06:50 PM

Hey Guys,


Racking the brains of the experts. Driving a 2003 1.8 TDDi Focus and always had the common instrument cluster problem where the dials drop off intermintently, and warning lights come on for no reason, in wet weather but never an issue always comes back.


The other day car failed to start but managed to bump it. Then after driving for 15-20 min (Battery light came on, then abs light, and handbrake) parked up and again it failed to start couldn't even bump it, by pushing or towing. Meanwhile the dashboard electrics were going a bit crazy warning lights flashing on and off. When turning to ignition, a relay under the bonnet was going skitz clicking away. Got the jump leads out and after 5-10 car started perfectly fine and drove as normal until 5min down the road where it died, headlights and dashboard lights went dim. Switched my hazards on and all of a sudden my interior light was going off with my hazard lights! So sadly towed it home.


Now tried testing with a voltmeter and it seems that the alternator isn't charging the battery, but the indicator light on the battery isn't showing green, when I charged it full over night (less than a year old so still under warranty). So it would seem that my alternator has gone but to me that doesn't explain the rest of the elctrics going crazy.


Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance

2003 Tdci Replacing Head Gasket

09 September 2013 - 10:09 AM

Hey everyone hopefully just a quick query.


I'm about to replace my head gasket, and was just wondering if the the ways to denote the thickness of the gasket i.e. some have teeth and some have holes. If they are the same.


As in my head gasket has 4 teeth, would that be the same as a head gasket with 4 holes? Also was thinking of taking a photo of each stage if anyone was unsure how to do one, would anyone like this or should I just get on with it?


Thanks in advance

1.8 Tddi - Fuel Leak?

06 August 2013 - 09:12 AM

Hey guys think I may have a small fuel leak, recently replaced my thermostat as it was p****ing out water. I've now noticed a lot of fluid building up around the glow plugs/fuel injectors? Just above the thermostat. Image below, was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. Also are the black corded pipes for bleeding off excess fuel?


Thanks in advance.

No Strength In Window Wipers, Headlights(Earth Connection?)

15 May 2013 - 11:38 AM

Hi guys,


2003 TDCi


For a while now I've had a problem that when I have my headlights on, my window wipers really struggle wiping the screen, as if theres not enough force to slide them across. It only happens with my headlights on normal and high beam, with side lights it's fine.


Some days it will be fine but then I'll jump in the car the next day and it'll be back to it, and very rarely 'fixes itself' while driving.


Seems to have happened since I tried taking the earth connection from the battery off the body, it was so rusty that the bolt head just snapped off. I re-attached it to another connection a couple of inches away.


Also not sure if connected but sometimes parts of my dashboard do not light up but giving it a little knock will fix this problem, I've had it all out and cleaned the connections to no avail.


Wondering if anyone else has experienced these or if they know what could be the causes?