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#468234 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 21 March 2015 - 10:27 PM

Not many threads on here Nigel to be honest as most are over on the Fiesta St owners club , i am on there now and you will get lots of info about st's on there . I am off to bed soon as got to get up early to give my car a quick wash before i go to coffee and cars at mountune tomorrow :)

#468215 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 21 March 2015 - 09:27 PM

I am 51 and hopefully getting the new focus RS next year :)

#468213 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 21 March 2015 - 09:24 PM

Hi all
I've been reading through this string with much interest but see that it stops rather abruptly in June 2013 - where has it gone?
I'm on the point of picking up my Molten Orange ST 3 which will have the Mountune performance pack fitted so I'm searching for any threads written by other owners of this marque.
By the way, I've noticed that one or two contributors have wondered whether they are maybe a little too old to be driving one of these cars. Well, I say very good luck to them, do what you want to do - that's what I'm doing and I realy don't care what others think! I'm 66 - Ha!

I am now over on the Fiesta St oc site which is a pay site that's why i disappeared off here , i now own an St3 fez and going to coffee and cars at mountunes hq tomorrow , it's gonna be a good day with loads coming from all over :)

#365612 Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

Posted by Markthechat on 19 May 2014 - 10:06 AM

Hi everyone , not been on here for a while .
I just changed my year old St2 , build No #00126 for the UK market and she was showing 42 on the av trip with 10,679miles on the clock :) never gave me any problems and was trouble free motoring , the scuff plates worked fine and lit up ok and no clunking or clonking from gearbox like some have experienced only a slight clunk changing from 1st to 2nd which is normal , infact my gearbox got better and smoother as the miles went on .
Now to to my new St3 that i picked up 3 weeks ago :) its better in many ways driving and handling seem nicer than my old St2 bieng slightly softer and not as harsh and the clutch an gearbox are lighter and smoother to use as is the brakes being slightly less grabby but equally as sharp as had to stand on them last week when 3 deer ran out in front of me .
Its showing 40.5 mpg on the av trip in 900 miles so far running on Shell V-power Nitro and going up daily :) i worked it out manually as i always do and it's returning 38/39mpg just like my old st did so that's good for me with the miles i do travelling to and from work .
I now use the cruise control mainly in the mornings on my new one as i set off to work at 3.15am so no traffic about on my my journey , i am in Essex and can go on 2 routes , one is the A12/M25 so for 23 miles or so on cruise control at 65/70mph or use A and B roads on a shorter slower route doing 30/40/50 and 60 mph with only 10miles of that using cruise control on the way to work .
I do drive slower in the mornings and on my way home mid afternoon if i can do some spirited driving and still get good mpg and love listening to noise when pressing on :) big smiles :)
Anyone going to the Ford Fair ? I am also a member on the St owners club and we have a large gathering and grouping of 35+ St's on our stand so should be fun and nice to see what people have done to there's modding :)

#257314 Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

Posted by Markthechat on 02 May 2013 - 08:00 PM

Id personally for go the beer tokens / treating yourself and save up the for the ST2. I havent seen an ST1 but I reckon its the one to go for. I think when I asked my dealer all of the ones he had sold where ST2's.  ;) 
I think some of the additions to the 2 are really trick.  

If anyone can remember wen the st225 came out in 05 they sold more st2s/3s than st1s as that also looked pants :)
Back then i ordered an st3 as it was more spec'd an the main thing for me was xenon head lights so i am with you on that one as ford will and have sold more fiesta st2s than ones .

#256196 Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

Posted by Markthechat on 28 April 2013 - 07:52 PM


Yeah I commented on your photos, wish I didn't look at them as it only makes me more agitated to get mine lol!! Great photos, but glad to hear it will pick up the dirt haha. My rear quarters on my ZetecS seem to collect tar dots like stamps collecting  :(

You could of borrowed mine lastweek lol as didn't use it all week , only got it out of the garage today an had some fun mainly in 2nd , 3rd and 4th gears with the window down listening to the turbo and that throaty roar in the cabin with out making you too jealous :D cars come up behind you an then you cog it down or just use the torque an they disappear getting smaller in ya rear view mirror


The first day i got mine i change those horrible yellow number plate lights an put my Led canbus ones in an they look really cool beaming down to the ground over tailgate , rear bumper and on the rear lower panel :)

#256183 Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

Posted by Markthechat on 28 April 2013 - 07:38 PM

I thought so, thanks, just I've seen on other forums people comparing them and I don't understand why? As you said they are completely different cars? Anyway your pair do look stunning together! A question I have for you owners is so far, how much tar does that bottom painted bit of the rear spoiler on the back above the exhaust pick up? I am only just thinking about that as mine is white!! 

Did you see i posted some pix today of my white one lol i have done 283 mls in mine an cleaned it a week ago so not looked at that rear lower panel yet but think it will pick up dust , dirt an exhaust soot etc plus tar like the tailgate does and side skirts being white as this is my 4th white car now with my previous ones needing some elbow grease to clean sometimes .

#256117 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 28 April 2013 - 06:15 PM

Glad to hear that you had some fun in it! That is what that car is all about!  ;) As for the noise I am with you, to hear the turbo noise and dump valve fluttering is addictive  :P  :D My dad has a MK 1 RS and he is surprised what the performance figures of the Fiesta ST compared to his  ;)

I caught a Mk1 RS napping the first night i drove mine as i see him an his mate in a mk5 fiesta with twin pipes going into a roundabout an set after them , i came off the roundabout an took the rs outbraking him into the next rounabout on a short daul carraigeway but got stuck behind the fiesta ! The rs soon worked out what i was driving an was on my tail but i was then about to turn into my road and as i indicated he double falshed his headlights so he must have been impressed or pee'd off with me outsmarting him ;) i am still a boyracer at 49 an not scared by speed as i use to also ride 180/190mph sports bikes :) i even still play xbox360 forza motorsport 4 and horizon lol boys and toys i think :rolleyes:

#256082 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 28 April 2013 - 05:06 PM

Love it!! I bet you cannot stop  :driving: it  ;) I am getting a blue one in June :D

I hadn't driven mine all week until today and did have some fun in it :) i had the window down and heard the turbo whooshing , its a lovely sound an you just want to rev it more and more ! Every one looks at you wen you are driving about as i see 2 focus st225's out today and one crept up behind me so i waited until the national speed limit appeared an cogged it ito 3rd from 40 an just blasted away , he didn't want to play thou unless he didn't want to embarass himself :D

#256076 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 28 April 2013 - 04:45 PM

Mark do u have pix of ur White ST ?

I have taken some pix  today :mellow:



hope you like :mellow:

#255865 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 27 April 2013 - 09:45 PM

That's what superchips have, and they've always been on the conservative side.

Yes they have always been on the conservative side yes as i use have dreamscience in my st225 and you could change between 4/5 maps wen ever you wished without losing a life in the handheld flash unit an you did notice the shove in power between the standard map as a mate who owned a skyline at the time said my st would give his car a run for its money . I really hope the upgrades by mountune come out soon an have decent power figures :)

#255858 My New St

Posted by Markthechat on 27 April 2013 - 09:31 PM

The smiles do get better , i rolled my Focus st 3 yrs ago an then came down performance wise an got a fiesta zetec s an for the last 2 years owned a s1600 an thought that fast an fun but then got back to owning an st again an then the smiles got bigger having power an decent brakes again :) not done many miles yet as only done 250 so far .
My mate drove it the day i picked it up an went a lot faster than me as on my way to his i only took it upto 90/100 an he was doing 120 with ease wen i looked at the speedo , he commented he'd love to take it round the nurburgring to see how it fairs having been there before but not in handling car like mine thou ! It was afterall developed there an should go well and has been something i have wanted to do for a while now an not got around to . Performance bits are coming out already for it as see Scc performance have a Revo remap in advanced testing with fairly good gains and mountune have already got there short shift kit avaliable to buy .

#255809 First Details Of New Fiesta St Revealed -

Posted by Markthechat on 27 April 2013 - 07:03 PM

For the guys who have already ordered/bought one, are you paying on finance or outright? 

I brought mine cash :) i was saving up for a focus St an had a test drive but did'nt think it that sporty looking with 5 doors an even with my dad being a Ford pensioner they weren't discounting them much last year but the Fiesta St has better offers as i had an email in January saying first 20 orders on st1 for £13,995 on the road an made my enquiries . I got a dealer discount of £1638 off list plus my Ford discount an paid under £15,900 on the road for my white st2 with climate , style pack was free and it was my present to myself after losing my job in December also paid cash for my last couple of cars as well :) don't do finance nowadays and save up plus you get wiser as you get older with me being 49 not wanting things on the never never .

#255805 Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

Posted by Markthechat on 27 April 2013 - 06:42 PM

Going ordering mine tomorrow, managed to get a stupidly good deal and it's basically costing me next to nothing, whilst clearing garage and garden space. What's the car like to drive?  

You won't regret getting one , go on and order it :) they stick to road like a wet blanket with great feed back through the steering , you feel the steering pushing like a go kart as you power through the bends being nicely weighted and 2nd gear punch is phenomenal with that lovely sound coming into the cabin around 4/5000 rpm plus if you cog it down from 6th to 4th at 80/90 it will sprint away like a jet , not had that since my Focus St225 days . It's totally different to my other fiesta's an got decent brakes now as i hardly press the brake pedal now as my old s1600 felt like you were pressing the pedal to the floor before anything happened !

Ford have got it spot on :) oh and if you look on Scc performance web site they are nearly finished a Revo remap thats in it finally testing apparently with great results so the tuners are already developing performance parts :) Mountune are already offering there aluminuim billet short shift kit as well which shortens the shifting by 30% .

#255796 First Details Of New Fiesta St Revealed -

Posted by Markthechat on 27 April 2013 - 06:06 PM

The ambient lights around the centre cup holder and glovebox are not adjustable they are a fixed glow , you can however dim the instrument cluster which i never had on my previous zetec s or s1600 . The drivers window is only one shot window as you still have to hold the button to open an close the passenger one an the heated seats are a low and high heat adjustment an will display one light for low heat and if you press the button again it will display two lights for high heat ! You will need sunglasses wen the scuff plates light up in poor light or in darkness as they glow soooo bright that you could almost trip up an fall in the car if you stare at them :)

I have only seen one blue st on the road near me an a black one at my dealers the same time i picked mine up , i went to see a mate last weekend near southend an see a white an black one on the forecourt an also a white one on a drive way so yes they are quite rare at the mo !