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In Topic: Dpf, Egr And Such

25 January 2015 - 10:31 PM

Not sure there is a DPF - it was a suggestion from others, but if there is not one, then it narrows down the issues!  Would love to have the EGR with a hole done as long as it did not invalidate my 3 year warranty...

In Topic: C-Max Just Purchased - Under Warranty, But Have A Few Questions

15 January 2015 - 10:28 PM

Further info


1) The plastic catch seems be loose on the door that is not working, so I guess that bit needs replacing.


2) This is just for about a second or so when pulling away from stationary.  It could be that a break is getting stuck?


3) This is a manual.  I got the car from a Ford dealer with a 3 year warranty, so you would think it should be ok, but it could have been the person driving it before I guess.  I have not had it long enough to fill up.  Having said that, when the turbo kicks in it flies, so it accelerates nicely it is just the pick up in 2nd when rolling along very slowly.  Unfortunately this is pretty much going to be the case when approaching a roundabout or other junctions - you put your foot down and it literally rolls along with no acceleration at all for a couple of seconds and then picks up.  Almost like the throttle response is dodgy, but in 1st gear it picks up a bit too quickly in comparison and the two together are a bit strange - you have to be gentle in first or the car takes off like an aeroplane, but if you are too gentle, you will almost stall in 2nd.  Currently the most annoy part of this car so far...  I see many posts about having the EPG valve blanked which makes the car really responsive as this is the cause of lag in the low rev range.  I hope that is not the only solution as I don't want to do anything that alters insurance...

In Topic: Car Suddenly Feels Different

15 January 2015 - 09:33 AM

Well, the mystery was not solved as such, but as I had already started the process of looking for a C-Max, one came up and I have already traded in the Focus.

In Topic: Car Suddenly Feels Different

07 January 2015 - 10:58 PM

In addition, we did have a heavy load of Christmas presents coming back on a 160 mile journey and had not driven the car much until the day it went funny.  From looking at a few videos, it does seem like the swaying and rolling which never used to exist is to do with the shocks - I have had this on other cars in the past.  It feels like there are a few things wrong now though!  Do I pay for diagnostics, then pay for work or just trade it in and let them do all that in their own time and they can give me whatever price they see fit.


To add to my paranoia, when I bought the car, it had just been traded in and they had not checked it - I test drove it and it felt ok - I had just arrived in our Nissan Micra which is supposed to be like a trampoline, so it was hard to tell if there was a problem with the Focus.  When the Ford garage prepared the car for me (they were very thorough), the said that the wheels were buckled and they had to replace the wheels and tyres (free of charge of course).  The car felt perfect when I picked it up though.  I am just paranoid that there has always been a weakness from the previous owner...


I was literally looking at C-Max models the day before the suspension went funny!

In Topic: Car Suddenly Feels Different

07 January 2015 - 10:44 PM

It is strange - I can tell you that.  We bought nothing at the garden centre, so left with the same load as we arrived.  Of course there are always minor bumps on roads, so I guess if a weakness had developed it could have been the final straw on a little bump...


I checked the suspension on each corner - nothing obvious.  The front seems to firmly spring back with no bounce.  The rear kind of bounces twice in comparison, but both corners seem the same - not sure if that's normal?  Rear seems less rigid than front, but I guess that is pretty normal for most hatchbacks?


One thing that I have noticed which may help further diagnosis - when I park the car on the drive and pull the handbrake - when I take my foot off the brake pedal, the car moves quite a lot forward (drive is a slight slope).  This never used to happen, so it must be related.  Feel like something or a number of things are loose!


At the moment I am only driving it locally and the feeling when driving on a fairly straight, flat road is that the car is wobbling or drifting subtly.  It just feels like a completely different car to the solid, stiffer ride it had last week.  It really makes you feel weird as you keep thinking "did the car just move weirdly while I was going in a straight line?".


Quite freaky.  How can a quick change transform a decent car into something horrible to drive?


Sorry about the ranting!