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Dpf, Egr And Such

22 January 2015 - 11:17 PM

Hi there,


As a fairly new owner of a 2008 1.8 Tdci C-Max, my main complaint is the apparent loss of power at low revs, which is really only noticeable in 2nd gear - quite a big impact on drive-ability.  It's a shame because when the engine wakes up it is quite a joy.


The main problem is that I do a lot of very short journeys during the week as I drop my child off at the child-minder 5 days a week - this is only about 1 mile tops.  This is probably not great for any engine really.


I guess this is worsened by the dreaded DPF and maybe EGR (they both seem to be a pain in the butt).


What I can do is take the car for a decent spin at least once or twice in the week and on the weekend.  So what I would like to know if anyone knows anything about anything(!) - what would be the best thing to do, to keep the engine in decent condition given that I have to make 10 1 mile journeys during the week?






C-Max Just Purchased - Under Warranty, But Have A Few Questions

15 January 2015 - 04:36 PM



I just traded my Focus in for a C-Max and firstly I have to say that it feels completely different to a Focus to drive, despite what all the reviews and many people say!


That being said, I like the higher seating position and I like all of the equipment it comes with.


I have a warranty, so can take it in to be fixed and probably will, but wanted to know if there are any basic things I can check for the following:


1) Child lock does not seem to work - there is a white plastic key-hole and a diagram to turn it, but it does not work whichever position it is in.


2) Sometimes, when taking off, having been stationary for a little while, the car makes loud-ish mechanical creak/squeek and sounds like it comes from the left hand side.  I noticed it more often when having a passenger... - this one definitely seems to need attention.


3) When slowing towards a junction and dropping into 2nd gear - there is no acceleration and the car nearly stalls - I've seen other people mentioning a similar problem.  I find it less difficult after 1 day of driving it as I am aware of it, but it does seem a bit daft to have no power in 2nd and it does make you nervous at roundabouts and junctions.  If everyone else has the same issue then that's a bit disappointing, but wondered if there are any causes or if that is how it should be?!


The car is a 2008 C-Max Titanium 1.8 Tdci




Car Suddenly Feels Different

05 January 2015 - 12:52 PM

Hi there,


On Sunday I drove to a garden centre, was there for a few hours.  When I drove back the car instantly felt different - the suspension seemed "bouncy" and the steering felt lighter than normal.  I started to get paranoid and thought "Is it different?  Maybe I never noticed?", but to be honest, I drive it every day and would notice!  And the fact that it felt different on the same day.  I got the Focus because it feels solid on the road, now it bounces around and actually seems a bit harder to control, although not dangerously so (so far at least).  Tiny bumps in the road make bounce unevenly from side to side - before it felt more sporty and stiff.


This is a MK2 Focus 57 plate (1.6 petrol).


I wish I was more of a mechanical expert - my guess would be a suspension problem as that may explain the bounciness and the lighter steering?


Has anyone got any ideas?  I guess I should take it into the garage/dealership but don't have a lot of time at the moment...




Stereo Locked After New Battery

03 October 2014 - 04:45 PM

Hi there,


I recently had a new battery fitted and when I went to turn the stereo on it asked for the code (as you would expect).  The code in my ford manual does not work - I had never needed it before.  What should I do to get this unlocked?


Another strange thing is that after 3 attempts, it now shows a message "Wait" with a 30 minute timer - this resets every time I turn the ignition on.


This is a 2007 Style...


Any help appreciated - don't want to pay a garage to get the stereo working - may as well just buy a new stereo as it will probably cost the same!