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In Topic: Ford Focus 07 Keyfob Problem

14 February 2013 - 09:57 PM

the 2007 i was informed is not reprogrammable if the memory was lost due to the battery being dead for more than a day i know of a few who had to have it programmed via a mobile locksmith do what you did however when you get the chime to programme the remote only press the open button once then wait 10 seconds and switch off it should now work if not its a remote sensor fault

Thanks for the reply, I tried what u suggested but still no joy, I'm thinking the same about a sensor fault somewhere but surely if there was a fault, when I press the button on the fob I wouldn't get the chime, this must indicate communication between the fob and the sensor? By sensor fault do you mean the fob or the mechanism that recieves the signal inside the car? Also even tho my key buttons now work do you think the chip inside fob could still be faulty?

I seem to have absolutely no luck with cars, thought I'd go ford this time and over the past 3 years it's brought me nothing but grief, great to drive tho ;-)