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Been A Little Silly.... [Egr Related Gubbins]

09 March 2015 - 09:35 AM

So I had a car with no problems.  18 months ago fitted a EGR blank.  Broke one of the two bolts.  Thought it would be OK, seemed to be right.


A few months ago car started to be a bit juddery/wobbly under very light throttle.  Got progressive worse (but still drivable)...


Finally had a look at the EGR blank at the weekend and its been leaking/sucking air clearly for a long time.  Took blank out, fitted pipes together with 2 new bolts, sealed. 


Car wobble has now gone, but I did notice some hesitancy on a long trip at the weekend.  No EML but DTCs codes stored saying the EGR is stuck.


This morning, quite cold, car started fine but ran like a dog - no power, like it needed some choke! 


I assume the EGR is knackered (maybe due to not being used properly!) so I'm going to block it and seal it properly this time.


Just posting to:


1) Highlight my stupidity

2) Help others

3) Wondering if these issues do sound EGR related!

Mk2.5 Tdci 2.0 - Water Leak. Radweld Good / Radweld Bad?!

30 January 2015 - 07:36 PM

Continuing on with my never ending car problems, im trying to sort the water leak that cannot be found.
Mia there any reason why I shouldn't put some radweld through it to see if I can sort it that way?

Used it before but don't know if these modern cars with sensors everywhere don't like the stuff?

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2.0 Tdci - Lumpy Running On Low Revs - Arghhh

27 January 2015 - 09:28 AM

So having spent god knows how much lately on stuff that needed to be done (timing belt for one), I still don't have a 100% car...


Main problem is STILL a water leak, but I doubt anyone can help with that here - just an annoying problem I'll have to solve myself.


However another issue that is slowly getting worse is the lumpy/really lumpy running the car randomly falls into doing.


There doesn't seem to be any loss of power when I put my foot down, and nothing much at idle either.  But if I'm tootling along with very slight revs the car starts to jump around.  The rev counter doesn't twitch, but it does feel engine related, and if I put my foot down a bit, its gone, and if I put the clutch in, its gone.


DMF was done about 10k ago, so (hope!) not that, the car does have the EGR blocked, and to be honest, i muffed up and one bolt where the block goes is broken - however I'm pretty sure it's sealed.


However, the fuel filter hasn't been done for 60k (should be 37500), and I haven't looked at the air filter either, though it's supposedly a zero maintenance k&n (standard oem replacement type).


I'm currently sat at work hence why I haven't bothered with the easy checks yet, but I wondered if the fuel filter being so over the hill could really have such an effect?


Also, the fault still happens with cruise control on - does this mean its 100% not throttle position sensor, or would that be too easy?!

Rear End Sliding Easily?

28 December 2014 - 07:41 PM



*Tyres are worn - replacing

*Road was gritted - council are crap


The roads were BAD today, and at one stage even on a straight, the
car was twitching and grabbing and generally acting weird - even at low


I actually pulled into the layby at one stage because it was so bad
it felt like I had a flat or some sort of suspension problem.  While I
was stopped, another car pulled up and the bloke started checking his
car over. So I asked if he had a problem, and he described exactly what
I'd experienced. In his words "it felt like the axel was about to fall off" - so so weird and hard to describe.  Just felt totally loose/wobbly

It really was pretty bad. I don't mind sliding it if I expect it, but
it felt hard to keep it in a straight line even under light

Anyway, my back tyres are worn, but nowhere near illegal, but I'm
going to swap them anyway. I just wondered if anyone else had
experienceD this.  The roads were crap, ungritted, but I wondered if the
twitching/grabbing was the ESP stuff kicking in?

Wasn't much fun to be honest, and I wasn't very trusting of the car on the way back.  Although the 2litre is very much front heavy, I had a car full and a full tank of diesel so it wasn't exactly light on the back end.


Is this just something I have to live with (my previous 1.8 mk1.5 was fine), so is it just down to crap tyres?

What Are The Oem Tyres On A Mk2.5 Focus?

28 December 2014 - 07:11 PM

Pretty much as topic title... What do Ford fit to focus's from the factory?


Specifically it's a late 2009 tdci 2.0, but I suspect it's the same for all?