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In Topic: Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

18 February 2013 - 02:20 PM

got the car back, apparently it started first time this morning at the workshop. we tried it when we got home while still hot, started first time again, and i let it cool off for an hour or so and just tried it again and it still starts first go. really strange this has been, it actually fires much quicker than it ever did before the filter was changed now so perhaps it was a matter of getting the last of the air out of the lines and now its all gone??
just relieved that there was no huge bills having just paid for timing belt to be done, but thanks steads for the advice you have been offering, all knowledge is valuable. :D

In Topic: Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

18 February 2013 - 09:07 AM

well this is strange - the garage have phoned me already and said the car started fine this morning having sat in the shop all weekend and had nothing done to it...........going to pick up later so we'll see what its like and post results! :D

In Topic: Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

17 February 2013 - 06:24 PM

that sounds like a good idea. i was thinking about adding a non return valve on the feed pipe to the filter from the tank - do you think that would stop any further issues with air in the system ?(if it turns out that air is the problem!), though i was a little concerned about cutting and rejoining the plastic pipe near the filter and being able to seal it correctly afterwards. knowing my luck i would replace one point of air ingress with another!

In Topic: Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

17 February 2013 - 05:56 PM

thanks again for replying. it was running for around half an hour i think after the guys at the workshop tow started it - it had got up to normal temperature anyway, but just left running outside the door not taken for a run. i'll see what they say tomorrow when they have checked everything over again but maybe it does just need to be driven to remove the last of the air so i'll ask them to try that first. will post back when i hear from them. it would be so useful if ford had incorporated a low pressure pump in the tank like the petrol models have, it would avoid all this kind of problems, i dont think there is even a lift pump on these afaik, though my mondeo 2.0 tddi which i owned a couple of years ago had one which partly helped to get the fuel up.

In Topic: Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

17 February 2013 - 12:21 PM

hi steads, thanks very much for your advice. yes i did replace the o rings, they were still inline as they should be when i took filter off to change it, and after refitting the first time it was a bit difficult to start the next day so i bought new ones and re-seated them inside the pipes as per your picture, which as you will know if you have done them yourself, is a real tricky job! it took about 2 hours of repeated attempts and patience to get them seated correctly but they did go in properly in the end. the o rings were bought from a hydraulic specialist shop so may well be slightly thinner so maybe that would cause non-seal onto the filter though they did seem to slip onto the filter with reasonable 'tightness'. strange how it started well the morning after i fitted these though, but wouldnt later in the day..... the car is still at the garage as they close for the weekend but it does sound like that may be an issue still - i had an aftermarket filter so i suppose its possible that the stems are microns narrower than a genuine ford filter and the fit is not as tight as it should be. i will phone them tomorrow morning and ask them to try resealing the pipes. is there any recommended product you know of which would assist in the sealing? i.e. instant gasket or similar/silicon? obviously it would need to be diesel-resistant. the only other option i suppose will be to 'cut and shut' the original pipework with some flexi fuel pipe and hoseclips to eliminate this as the possible cause before trying anything else.
many thanks again for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.