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Tdci Focus Wont Start Unless Towed! Please Help!

16 February 2013 - 09:17 PM

hi all, i am new to the forum having migrated from the galaxy owners club as i now have a focus tdci.
i really could use some advice from someone familiar with the 1.8 tdci 115 engine please.
fuel filter was replaced last week, had to prime afterwards to get fuel through then started fine asn ran all week no problem, was a little slower to start in the mornings following the filter change so as a precaution i also replaced the 'o' rings in the 3 pipes which connect to the filter, primed and started, ran fine.
next day started better, and was booked in at my trusted garage for timing belt change as i dont have the kit to do it, they phoned and said it was done, but when i went to collect it it wouldnt start. they tried everything to get it going but to no avail.
it had been started after the belt change before i collected and ran fine. it was still in the workshop in the same spot where it had been worked on when i got there. eventually they towed it after the battery died and it started within 20 feet!
it was then parked up for half an hour, and then wouldnt start again. cranked over several times, plenty of power in battery, starter spins fast, even with a booster battery it wouldnt go, then towed again and fired almost immediately. had all the guys in the workshop scratching their heads (theyre not diesel specialists but good all-rounders)
my question is therefore - what is the problem!? has anyone experienced similar issues?
i have read forums where non starting issues have been cured by replacing various parts from cps to hp pump, but the point it, when it starts it runs a treat, no hiccup, misfire, doesnt miss a beat and pulls strongly throughout the whole rev range. there are no warning lights, no flashing glow light etc so i am at a loss as to what to do with it.
if anyonew could offer any useful advice i would really appreciate it.
sorry for the long explanation but thought better to tell whole story in one go for all to read!!
many thanks in advance :-)