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New-To-Me 2008 Fusion Zetec

17 February 2013 - 05:44 PM

First post, got some general questions :) After my father-in-law passed away last month, I've inherited his car as a second runabout.

It needs a little bit of TLC, got it booked in for an oil and brake fluid change this week, and it looks like the discs are lipped so new pads and discs in the near future.

Giving it the once over, I noticed that the passenger side front tyre is pretty worn on the outside edge, the drivers side is fine as is the inner edge of the tyre.

Could this be a tracking issue (seems unlikely if the drivers side is fine)?

Any particular things I should look out for? The cars only done 13500 miles, it's an auto box with the 1.6 petrol engine.

I intend to use it mostly for bipping about locally as my Audi doesn't like short runs, this seems ideal for that kind of thing.

One final question, when I booked it in for the oil, they thought it might need 5w20 oil, although the manual states 5w30, which is what I've told them to do, any opinions on that before I go ahead?

Thanks for any replies :)