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In Topic: Possible To Fit Bluetooth/dab To 58 Fiesta?

26 April 2014 - 08:46 AM

You'd be looking at around £3/400 in used parts plus an hour of Ford labour to activate it once in the car.

For Bluetooth I'd recommend a Parrot MKi9200.

Hi thanks for that,


I have access to IDS/Forscan/ELM Config so hopefully wouldn't need to go to Ford.

What parts are need for instance to update the stereo to one from say a 2012 on model? Is it just buttons part, stereo/cd unit and screen? There's some kicking around on eBay, some with DAB as well.


It's the Mrs car and she likes the quirky stereo but isn't one for having additional things bolted in. Pain in the backside!


I see there are some Chinese replacements on eBay as well. Does anyone have any experience of these?


Cheers all,