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Timing Belt Replacement A Bit Paranoid.

18 July 2015 - 01:00 PM

Im currently replacing my first timing belt and tensioner on my mk1 focus and just double checking I've got it right. Its an INA kit from ECP and the tensioner has an allen key type pin which holds the tension back when fitting and tensions the belt when unpinned.


My question is after I have released the pin is there a manual tension adjustment I need to make? There doesn't seem to be an adjustment hole on the tensioner and it doesn't pivot on its bracket. Also there is no note of tension adjustment on the info sheet that came with the belt kit.


Its probably a simple stupid question but being the timing belt I want to make sure I get it right first time.


the tensioner looks like this http://www.ebay.ie/i...=item259781d9ce.