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New Mot Requirements ( Dpf And/or Catalysts )

08 February 2014 - 06:29 PM

I was informed when I recently took my car for it's MOT that as of 16th Feb 2014 the regulations have changed regarding DPFs and Catalysts.


Any car which is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter or Catalyst, as standard, when manufactured, must be fitted with said DPF and or Catalyst when tested.  If it is not fitted with the required item(s) it will be deemed to have failed the MOT.


I'm paraphrasing the official looking document my garage showed me.  I think everyone should be aware of the change.


Smelly Focus Tdci And Other Issues

03 January 2014 - 06:45 PM

Looking for some advice from one of the many techies we have on this site.

I have a 1.6 TDCi Feb 2008. 118K on clock. DPF removed and remapped. EGR Blanking plate fitted (Polish supplier on Ebay). Recon Injectors fitted. Cam belt replaced.


Occasionally when accelerating in 4th/5th there is a slight juddering, as if the timing is not quite right. If this has occured then I'll experience thin white smoke when I lift off the pedal and this will continue intermittently for the rest of my journey. If the juddering hasn't occured then neither will the white smoke.

Someone ( a commercial vehicle mechanic ) suggested over fuelling, could this be and if so what is the remedy ?  The car is not doing a great deal of motorway mileage at the moment and isn't being very fuel efficient which made me wonder about this last point.


I'm also getting a bit of engine/diesel odour coming in the air vents.   I've checked the injectors and whilst I've suffered injector leakage in the past, there's no evidence of it now. no "pfut-pfut-pfut" and no detectable exhaust blowing up from the injectors.

Could this be related to a split or broken pipe somewhere around the engine ? If so what other symptoms might I experience, in relation to the existing ones.



White Smoke From Exhaust - 1.6Tdci (110) Feb 2008

21 February 2013 - 07:36 PM

I've owned my 1.6TDCi for 2 years. 18 months ago the DPF was removed, and Engine reconfigured, after if failed and the garage ( and the AA man ) was unable to reset it. The car had approx 65K on the clock at that time. Over the last 12 months I've noticed white smoke coming from the exhaust. This does not happen all the time.
When I travel at motorway/Dual Carraigeway speeds the car runs fine but as soon as I ease up for the slip road white smoke comes from the exhaust. I can drive to-and-from work ( round the ring road ) and all will seem ok. Then, as I turn into the offce, I notice it again. The only constant condition is that it occurs when I ease off, if I open the throttle even slightly the smoke disappears.

Has anyone any [sensible] suggestions?
Things I could check myself. I'm not adverse to getting the bonnet up.