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Annoying Knocking Noise From Front Right Wheel Of My Focus.

22 February 2013 - 11:46 AM

Hello people (who may be able to help me!!!),

I have a 57 plate ford focus 1.6 zetec (petrol). The issue is that once I have done a motorway drive (exceeding 70mph) a knocking noise occurs from the front right wheel (or that general area) which can be heard once slowing down to below 40 mph and is frequent to the speed the wheels are turning (the slower the wheels turn the slower the knocking occurs).

I got it on a mechanic's ramp and had a look and even drove the wheels round in the air and the knocking noise didn't seem to happen (so i can only assume the weight of the car affected the knocking noise).

Plus, when I put the car into reverse and drive back about 5 meters, a clunking noise occurs in the same area and the knocking noise dissappears.

I am completely baffled by this, if anyone knows what could be causing this problem please give me some information on it as its driving me bonkers!!!

Many thanks. :)