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In Topic: Mk2 Facelift - Retrofitting Bi Xenon Headlights

01 March 2013 - 10:20 AM


Yup after a bit of investigation I have found that the motors in the xenons are 2 phase stepper motors which explains the 4 wires and the motors in the Halogens are servo motors so only 3 wires.

So as my car doesn't have the wiring for the stepper motors then its either make a driving circuit board to run the stepper motors or get some manual type servo motors and fit them into the xenon headlights.


So Haz do you have a set of manual motors for sale??



In Topic: Mk2 Facelift - Retrofitting Bi Xenon Headlights

24 February 2013 - 09:15 PM


Im having ago at fitting Xenon headlights to my Focus CC. Iv'e got the Xenon lamps to light and Im now trying to work out what I need to do to make the leveling motors to work.

Does anyone know what signals/voltages the motors need to function and what pins on the headlamp connector they are feed into?

With a bit of elimination I think pin 7 is (-ve) ground, pin 10 is (+ve) 12v but I can't work out what the other two pins, pins 5 & 9 require.
Strangely I found that pin 5 is low resistance (0.6 ohms) to pin 7 and pin 9 is low resistance (0.6 ohms) to pin 10??

On the halogen headlamps pin 7 is -ve, pin 9 is the signal (0.6v to 12v) from the thumb wheel dash adjuster and the +ve for the motor comes from pin 2 inside the headlamp.

If I can find out what the motors need to move then it should be possible to make a circuit to do it manually.

Any help would be greatfully received.