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In Topic: Ford Mondeo Tdci Mk3 - Car Goes Into Limp Mode

02 March 2013 - 07:07 PM

Im not familiar with the device, ive looked at it online and it claims to have the Ford protocols, but it may have to be setup/ programmed for these protocols and "generic OBD2" may be the default setting, you will just have to read through the instructions


there is a CD rom with the scanner, that may just be the PDF manual or it might have the ford protocols on  


Update - you put the cd rom in your pc - and the programme tells you what the fault codes (dtc) mean


is the machine lighting up? - make sure its plugged in fully - you may have to push the socket and plug together because of the way it is made


it should do something different when you turn the ignition off/ on/ start


Yeah mate, everything is fully plugged in. It automatically detects the used protocols and attempts to read for codes. I know it's fully plugged in because it also displays the VIN number of my car, but it's just not coming up with any codes. The car still runs very well but I suspect there must be a fault somewhere. It could be an intermittent fault. I think the best thing is I'll bring it into the workshop and have it properly diagnosed with a better fault code reader.


The problem with these workshops is they ask you to change this change that change everything and the car is still not working in tip top condition. I've experienced this before with my other cars. I will inform you of what the workshop tells me. Thank you so much for your tips and advice.



Hi Basil

I too had a limp mode problem when accelerating. The red 'cog' engine stop lamp would light up rather than the amber engine management light. My code reader is unable to read the faults associated with the red 'cog' only the EML when illuminated.

Worth going to the garage to read the cached fault code/s then tackling the cause if necessary. The diagnosis on mine was EGR valve which I've subsequently blanked off.

Best of luck


So it is possible to blank off the EGR valve and the car runs very well? I'll bring it into the workshop but like I mentioned to FOCA these workshops, they ask you to change all kinds of things and the fault is still there. They are basically robbing you.


yes the warning light is indicating there is a fault and that a code has been registered


There is no warning light at the moment but there was a warning light, it seems to have disappeared. The flashing warning light was the glow plug light. The fault code reader I bought maybe is not so good.



In Topic: Ford Mondeo Tdci Mk3 - Car Goes Into Limp Mode

02 March 2013 - 03:28 PM

Hello mate, the Maxiscan Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 MS300 says "NO CODES" on the screen when I plugged it in. The engine was running and even not running shows NO CODES. Should the management engine light be on before it can give us any codes because my car doesn't show any warning lights.


Please inform soon.


Thank you


In Topic: Ford Mondeo Tdci Mk3 - Car Goes Into Limp Mode

01 March 2013 - 10:30 AM

It's 2006 Year mate. Sorry. Thanks for the info. I will buy one today. Cheers.

In Topic: Ford Mondeo Tdci Mk3 - Car Goes Into Limp Mode

28 February 2013 - 08:31 PM

Hello, the car is still running top notch. What you have mentioned makes a lot of sense and I'm thinking of buying a fault code reader - any particular one could you recommend? There are so many on eBay and Amazon that I don't know which one to go for.




Is this the one I should be going for?


Thank you

In Topic: Ford Mondeo Tdci Mk3 - Car Goes Into Limp Mode

27 February 2013 - 04:49 PM

Hi, I changed the fuel filter to a genuine one. I checked the o-ring, there was only one and it seemed ok. After I put in the new filter, I revved the engine for a good 1 minute hoping any trapped air would dispserse. Took the car down the motorway, thrashed the bugger and it was top notch. Fingers crossed it will remain this way. Will keep you guys posted. Cheers