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In Topic: Focus St225 Boost Gauges Wiring Diagram

14 June 2015 - 10:44 AM

Full wiring schematics, ST pod cluster is on page 85.



In Topic: Obd Security 'databloc Ford Protection'

27 May 2015 - 04:21 PM

Not sure Mark, their device could be self powered? My OBD port is completely reconfigured now and stickers added to the windows to advertise the fact.

In Topic: Obd Security 'databloc Ford Protection'

27 May 2015 - 04:04 PM

The alarm doesn't sound because they come round earlier, drill a small hole next to one of the wiper arms which is just above the alarm siren then fill it with expanding foam. They then come in the small hours, pop the window reach in and plug in a device that emulates the key being present into the OBD port.


There's a guy on facebook that sells a patch cable and instructions for rewiring the OBD port, once done the port only works if the patch cable is used. Not sure if he does them for all models but defiantly Focus ST & RS 

In Topic: Mk6 Fiesta Flame 1.4 Build Log (Was Fiesta Mk6 5 Door Custom Sub)

08 March 2015 - 03:15 PM

Didn't bother purchasing the new car as it was advertised as a non runner, after calling they said it was an ECU fault.

I hired a trailer for £45 and spent around the same on diesel getting there only to find that

1.) The suspension had collapsed
2.) The brakes and everything close to them were held together with rust
3.) The front seat was hanging out
4.) All the interior trim had been misplaced
5.) The loom connecting to the ECU had been wrenched off and the connector was barely in one piece.
6.) The expansion tank was empty as the coolant had poured out of a worn pipe.
7.) One of the headlights was about dead, not road legal
8.) The bonnet had a rust patch

He said the car had not been given any attention as he has a lot of cars on the for court.. I've seen bigger dealerships with less staff care for their cars better.

Hes known all week that I was going to see the car and he didn't even bother to wipe the moss off the roof.

The dealership is called "motor mania" and is located on the outskirts of Manchester. Avoid it at all costs. The owner called his electrican over to talk to me.. who I was able to confuse by telling him if they've swapped the ECU they must replace the clocks and transponder. Had a good argument .

I decided to walk away after paying a £100 deposit which I've lost. So not only have I lost my car, I've lost my deposit, diesel money and trailer hire. Not happy. I'll be walking till next month at least

I'm selling a 3dr 54 plate fiasta firefly in the same colour for spares or repair if your interested Kieran, running and driving but needs rear brakes, ball joints and a couple of tyres sorted for MOT I aslo had to top up the water recently so there could be a leak somewhere I've not had a look as I've now bought our lass a nissan note. I'd take £250 located west cumbria

In Topic: Retro-Fitting Bluetooth To A 58Plate Titanium

01 March 2015 - 10:51 PM

Hi did you ever manage to figure this out ?

I've been trying to get this working on my Focus (mk2.5, 60 plate 1.6 Titanium).

I've got the module fitted and connected, and have now got the mic and control stalk with the voice button.

Incidental it took a while to find the BT plug as it was well hidden under the sound proofing stuff !


I've managed to get my phone working with the Stereo, it can see the call list etc.

I can answer and make calls, and the person on the other end can hear me ok...but... I get no sound my end!

I'm assuming i've got something missing. The guide I followed didn't mention a loop back cable, although others do. I'm not sure I've got this.

Also voice control doesn't work, which I assume is because I've not had the ECU reprogrammed yet. Would the issue of no sound also be because of this?






You need to replace the exsisting audio patch cable for one that routes the sound through the newly fitted Bluetooth module, Ford Finis 1592580 (8M5T-119A442-AB) about £9.31 from your dealer.


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The voice control can be enabled using elmconfig, more info here http://www.fordowner...for-focus-mk25/


And here http://www.fordowner...nd-ff2-program/