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In Topic: Confirm Engine Size

11 March 2013 - 11:29 PM

DF 10 - , so it's likely a 1.6 (hence the stamp) but with smaller bore and stroke. Right?
When the engine was made its likely the 1.4s and the 1.6s were made at the same time on the same production line, and shared many (probably most) parts
Instead of designing 2 different engines, to save money/ production costs 1 engine is designed (eg the 1.6L) it uses the same tooling etc even the block castiing may be the same, and "sleeve liners" installed and smaller pistons (smaller bore to make the 1.6 into a 1.4) and/ or the crank pin is repositioned to give a smaller stroke, and perhaps the top of the block machined down   
The outside of the engines (1.6/ 1.4) may look identical, (the blocks/ heads may be cast in the same mould), all the ancillaries may be identical (like the inlet manifold) and may have the same part numbers
Ford have done this for many years  
the gearboxes may be identical too
many manufacturers do this, and share engines with other manufacturers, to save money, there are many examples of this
Nowadays the same capacity engine may have different power outputs (eg - 90, 100 and 109 PS 1.6L Fords, but they are also shared with PSA - Citroen/ Pugs etc ) these engines are often identical, but with different maps, or small changes like injectors etc
Some forums have resident geeks that could tell you the exact parts that will fit, the place it was made, etc etc, i cant help you because its not a Mondeo... :(
Watch out for conflicting information if you google it  

Great post, very insightful, thanks.

I was a little bit excited I actually had 1.6litres hiding under the hood! Ha
Cool, well I'm going to presume this 1.6 head is going to do the job then.

In Topic: Confirm Engine Size

11 March 2013 - 07:05 PM

Oh, also, the head looked like !Removed!, there was what looked like the remains of a valve right next to an exhuast valve seat and a crack... My friend pointed me in the direction of another friend who had a full 1.6 head with 3 month gurantee for a bargain £70 so though may aswell. As my old head was a 1.6, if it turns out it is a 1.4 block still, this should fit straight on right... Or do I need to put in a cancel call? Would cams be different etc

In Topic: Confirm Engine Size

11 March 2013 - 06:58 PM

Ok, so I checked the vin and it shows a 1.4. The block has 1.6 stamped on it and the engine code is 4m5g xxxx KA. Is this a coincidence or has this had a 1.6 KA engine installed?

Edit: should have read the above properly, so it's likely a 1.6 (hence the stamp) but with smaller bore and stroke. Right?

In Topic: Camshaft Sprocket For A 1.4

08 March 2013 - 01:54 PM

Update: in regards to the latter, stuck engine mount stud. In case anyone else ever runs into this problem.

Spoke to a ford technician who gave me some tips. Gave it a good crack head on with a hammer to break up any oxidation, then screwed on 2 15mm washer nuts on top of the nut I had already on there. Tightened the washer nuts in to each other,
Then attached a pair of mile grips behind the thread as hard as possible, and turned the middle but anti-clockwise alongside the mole grips. Took a little while an had to reset the miles each time but it came out.
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In Topic: Mk1 1.4: The Rebirth

03 March 2013 - 10:21 AM

That's exactly what I am using.... Haynes says to remove before loosening crank pulley though.