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Yesterday, 10:23 PM

see it far too often mate, they go to Halfords for the convenience, pay the extra to get it fitted...more often than not, they know nothing is wrong till mot comes around and it fails on poor alignment/pattern...

all the customers i have dealt with on this problem, are regulars that dont want to call me out for what they believe is a straightforwatrd task...as i take their cars for mot, then its far simpler for them to let me deal with it there and then rather than effing about with failures, taking it back and then arranging for retests.

soon as im aware halfords fitted the bulbs, i explain they should take it back, as yet, none have purely for the same reason they went to halfords in the first place...convenience...but bet your last pound, they wont be going back there again.


most recent problem...vauxhall meriva...quite simple, but when i took it apart to fix, to start with the rubber seal was missing and then  not only was the bulb fitted wrong position, it also had not been pushed into the retaining clip..

In Topic: Clicking

Yesterday, 10:08 PM

by the way, can you let us know which Fiesta we're talking about...year, cc, petrol/diesel

In Topic: Clicking

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

ok, if noise occurs when stationary, that will eliminate suspension/steering components..whats weird and probably coincidence, is how applying brakes or letting handbrake off is affecting this noise???


think next step is to see if you can get that noise going again as you suggested...cant dismiss the air con, but not convinced by it either.

can only think they meant the air con compressor, which will spin with or without air con on, but it free wheels with air con off


the fact you seem to think its o/s/f does make me think it could be one of the auxillery belt pulleys (which includes the air con)


but as said, see if you can make the noise happen again whilst stationary, just to confirm its the same noise your hearing when driving

In Topic: Clicking

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

if the noise is loud enough to make you worried, i wouldnt class that as normal

sorry for all the questions, but it all helps


so does the noise only occur when moving or if your stationary too?...ie, have you tried to replicate the noise when stationary, but giving the engine a few revs?

when driving, does the noise increase with speed?

what im trying to understand is, if the clicking is rotational, in which case should increase in regularity or if its coming from suspension, in which case, although its constant, it doesnt have any regularity to it...hope that makes sense to youy as im starting to confuse myself here ;)

In Topic: Cold Start Issue On A 1.4

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

thinking about it, i might be wrong about the sensors being different, but believe the wiring is seperate....either way, worth trying


from memory, sensor is close to coil pack, fairly straightforward to change