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#336110 Lamda Sensor

Posted by wase16ll on 25 February 2014 - 11:19 AM

would make certain you have been supplied with the correct sensor, they all look very similar but many are actually different..


if it is correct, then yes you can, but good connection is vital, so make sure its stable and water tight...


if it was me, id get that sensor changed for exact copy

#334132 Mk1 1.6 Focus Flat Spot

Posted by wase16ll on 19 February 2014 - 06:12 PM

those emission figure may very well back up their diagnosis, so cant knock that.


in a (rough) nutshell

your o2 reading is high: (0.5-1% is the target) 

possibly detecting unregulated air from pre cat exhaust leak...this could mess up all the other figures '(particularly Lambda, which is reading an average of slightly high...expected when you have an exhaust leak)


your CO2  reading is slighly low (14-15%)

only marginal, but a low co2 is normally associated with a misfire, as your reading is close, it may be to do with either the exhaust or possibly the crank sensor issue


both CO and HC are high

again, only marginal, but these are the ones that need further checking once suggested repairs are done..if the new sensors dont correct this then you could be looking elsewhere for a fault...something very minor, such as a need to service injector/s, but if you continue with those figures then long term you will get further problems with 02 sensors/cat

ideally looking for 0.1% give or take CO and an HC lot nearer 0 than 100.


those readouts make perfect sense of the fuel trims though, be interested to hear the outcome



Arts, not sure if that was a typo mate, but your CO is high if it was taken on a warmed up engine, could do with a lower HC too,

if the 0.3% figure is meant to be 02, then that is also slightly high...even the smallest exhaust leak can cause this or possibly an air leak elsewhere.

#332575 New Mot Requirements ( Dpf And/or Catalysts )

Posted by wase16ll on 14 February 2014 - 09:48 PM

no mate, youv'e got my 'rants' all wrong :D


LEZ is a different regulation that was based on pure fantasy without any backing of facts...the whole scheme was a farce.

as an eg...i drove a van that had a passenger mpv  version, identical in every way but windows..my van was hit by the regs, but the car was ok???   how the **** does that work?


what made it even worse, i live on the very edge of the boundary, turn right out of my road, i was ok, turn left and i would have been charged £100...???

was tempted many a time to reverse up to the very edge of the boundary with cameras pointing at me, and rev the bo**ox out of it on a regular basis...but im reliably informed the mayor made a miraculous discovery in that any diesel emission will be stopped from entering the zone by an invisible screen, so i didnt bother... :rolleyes:


i dont have a problem with DPF deletes, but i do have a problem with people promising it can and should be done without issue..


i have major problems with the bodies that come out with these retrospect regulations....who was it that promoted the sale of diesel vehicles all those years ago, constantly telling us that fuel savings was the way to go....then when people took up that advise, instantly hiked the price to above that of petrol....now they are having a go, by accusing owners of causing major harm, and its the owners that will get punished for it..

with diesels, it will get worse, like i said, dont be suprised if they start tinkering with the idea of banning egr blanking...already been talked about..latest diesels will start to see even more emission busting devices being fitted...expect to see NOx filters coming soon if not done so already..


simple answer...forget retrospective regs...with DPF, if you had them deleted already, you get away with it, but firms offering deletes get stopped in their tracks from the day of the announcement...you will always find the odd car getting round it, but its the odd one, not the 10's of thousands that have already been tampered with...in time, what you set out to achieve, is achieved.



similar with the LEZ....there were far better ways of ridding the area of non compliant vans, for example, make a road tax incentive that will encourage owners to comply, not forcing them to flood the rest of the country with non compliants in a very short space of time, making them worthless...how does that improve air pollution?. i ended up virtually giving mine to a very nice lady that wanted it to do short journeys from lock up to market, all of which were 3 miles outside of the zone...yeah, that helped london LEZ


DPF are different, i understand the need for them, but i also understand the wish to remove them....its the controlling bodies that are to blame here for ignoring the very public issue of DPF deletes...now they want to screw you to the wall


all im saying is...understand what they do and why they are necessary..then, and only then, you can make the decision of trying to get round the rules or not...that is your decision, not mine...nor anybody else that has already had it done and spouts the usual 'they cant ever find out..because its only visual' tosh

anyone that decides that its the best route to take just because the firm that will profit from the work says its all ok and nothing will ever come of it...are making a bad decision that can really come back and bite them in the rear


would also add that dealers need to up their game and stop selling inappropiate vehicles to new owners....diesels are no longer cost effective to anyone doing less than 12/15k miles a year...and with new regs, that mileage will rise

#332514 New Mot Requirements ( Dpf And/or Catalysts )

Posted by wase16ll on 14 February 2014 - 08:01 PM

love that term....the political correct police...made me laugh anyway

pc has nothing to do with it...im not telling you to not do it, but its obvious that there are many out there that are clueless to the dpf system...im just giving some, and i mean, some..of the true facts.


i dont blame anybody for removing the system, it isnt fit for purpose in that the life cycle is far too short even when used as was intended, let alone when driver is unaware of the importance to follow certain guidelines, let alone the sheer costy of keeping the system intact and working.


my bug bear is with anybody that promises its ok to do, without consequence..only possible loser in that outcome is the owner that deletes believing their troubles are over.


i also have issue with the controlling bodies, the ones who have been fully aware of the practice yet doing nothing to get it stopped, now its the car owners that could pay the price, not the firms making money out of an illegal practice.


if youve had a delete, and manage to carry on getting away with it, good luck to you, i drive a diesel myself, has never had a dpf so not passing judgement on anyone thats had them removed...i knew of the systems and i knew they were best avoided...im looking to buy another van later in the year, no 1 priority for me is it will be petrol, no longer interested in any kind of diesel as regs will get tougher...be they old or new vehicles

ive already had a perfectly good van that was worth £2/3k turned into scrap value overnight, without any compensation due to london lez regulations, they wont catch me out again.


know the facts, then and only then can you make an informed decision...pc my **** :lol:

#331002 New Mot Requirements ( Dpf And/or Catalysts )

Posted by wase16ll on 09 February 2014 - 11:19 PM

roadside emmission tests have been happening in london for quite a while, long before the february rule changes, both cars and goods vehicles,

as for the DPF only need to be working at colder engine temperatures, sorry, thats wrong, particulate matter is released by diesel burners throughout the temperature range, the reason they block quicker on engines that do short journeys is because the DPF doesnt get hot enough to burn off the residue...but the fact is, when engine is cold, they still prevent the PM  from being released to atmosphere.

the catalyst is also required to work throughout the range, but its important that the system comes into full swing as quickly as possible..hence the need for heated oxygen sensors, to speed up the process where the catalytic can cope with emissions.


in both cases, you will get an accurate readout on emissions with a hot engine, not a cold one


people offering DPF deletes and promising no problems with passing mot's when done, are living on borrowed time...if anyone goes ahead anyway, then strongly suggest they ask them to back up those promises in writing,  in other words, let them put their money where their mouth is.

#328420 Mk1 1.6 Focus Flat Spot

Posted by wase16ll on 02 February 2014 - 06:21 PM

ignore what i said here "fuel trim will help to diagnose why the co is high"

although that is true, its not what i meant to say regarding your particular problem.


the fuel trim will help you see what your 02 sensors are actually doing, ie..telling the ecu wether to increase/decrease the fuel, so therefore you can work out if engine is sucking air or overfueling as well as view how well the o2 sensors are actually switching.


in my opinion, trims are one of the biggest aids in diagnosing in live data

#328112 Mk1 1.6 Focus Flat Spot

Posted by wase16ll on 01 February 2014 - 05:24 PM

in laymens terms, fuel trim will help to diagnose why the co is high, its the 02 sensors that mainly govern the trim readings.

you may have read this already, but this is one of the better explanations ive seen about trims



#327738 Any Welders Out There?

Posted by wase16ll on 31 January 2014 - 01:00 AM

not easy to quote on welding.

in order for a good weld, you need clean metal around the corrosion, so what looks like a 2" diameter hole, can rapidly turn into something much larger in search of sound metalwork.

£2-300 seems a reasonable quote

#315833 Mk1.5 Focus Will Not Rev When Warm

Posted by wase16ll on 29 December 2013 - 08:21 PM

i wouldnt discount anything at this stage, youve got nothing so far to prove its fueling beyond the problem seemingly appearing at low fuel...maybe coincidental red herring... though its the obvious area to thoroughly check.


also may not be pump failing at all, you need to first confirm pressure is dropping at the time of the problem, if it is, then need to look into why, could just as easily be the filter on the pump blocking due to debris in tank, or possibly failing regulator.


in other words, putting a replacement pump in now, would be a gamble as you have nothing to prove its failing...could still turn out to be totally unrelated to fueling

#310849 Mk1.5 Focus Will Not Rev When Warm

Posted by wase16ll on 11 December 2013 - 02:55 PM

hope its sorted, but a strange set of symptoms for a bad sensor...

#310841 Mk1.5 Focus Will Not Rev When Warm

Posted by wase16ll on 11 December 2013 - 02:43 PM

very unusual symptoms of just a bad 02 srensor (though suggestion earlier you found split in vacuum hose too, so the combined might give something like your experiencing)


be interested to know if this has cured all the problems, not easy diagnosing over www, can only be suggestions...but those symptoms you originally typed scream a blockage in exhaust, a blockage will damage 02 sensors so i would take this for a long test run because if it does turn out to be a blockage, you could ruin the new sensor if not dealt with sooner rather than later.

#310774 Mk1.5 Focus Will Not Rev When Warm

Posted by wase16ll on 11 December 2013 - 12:23 PM

Easy to test for
All you need to do is remove the front sensor, keep the electrics connected and tie it up out of harm's way...
Way I would do it, is loosen the sensor then just nip it back up...take for run till symptoms develop, when still hot taking the necessary precautions, remove the sensor but keep it plugged in, tie it out the way and run again, if power returns you have a blocked exhaust.

Be warned though, doing this makes exhaust a tad noisy :)

#310646 New Rules On Dpf Removal Starting Feb 2014

Posted by wase16ll on 10 December 2013 - 10:20 PM

it is a bit harsh on all that have them removed, wether knowingly or unknowingly..but since when has the government ever worried about the little guy.


as said, new regulations in london rendered my perfectly good van worthless overnight..and also forced me to splash out for later compliable vehicle...yet the car version of my van that was identical beyond having extra windows and seats didnt fall under the regulation at all...how does that make sense???

so dont bank on any leeway being given


if your having problems with it, then your in a tough spot as removal may very well see you forking out a lot of money to replace in the future...has it been diagnosed yet, or have you tried regen yourself yet

#310024 Mondeo V6 No Power

Posted by wase16ll on 08 December 2013 - 08:44 PM

when you say eml never been on/no codes...take it you mean codes have been checked anyway...as not all codes will trigger the eml.....


although you have no rattle in the cats, you still might have a blockage somewhere, may be worth checking, if you can get hold of a back pressure tester it would be the quickest way to test for it, otherwise maybe remove an access port in the manifold if you have one or  the front sensor (keep the wiring connected for test) and give it a run see if you have any improvement....oh and some ear muffs :)



i have no idea why the font changed itself and back again whilst writing that?????????

#309678 New Rules On Dpf Removal Starting Feb 2014

Posted by wase16ll on 07 December 2013 - 07:08 PM

it IS happening from next February, what is in doubt is how far that test will go at that time....

VOSA will have been working on this for, at the least, weeks before the public got wind of it...i have no doubt there are a number of testers out there that have been given a heads up via the regular visits they get from VOSA reps, but untill the i's have been dotted and the t's crossed, no one is in the know.

if the procedure had already been decided, testers will already have all been notified via the MOT computerised network and the VOSA site updated the moment the announcment was made public.

VOSA quite clearly states on their site that updates on this new legislation will be forthcoming.


you can also expect that procedure to be changed/adapted as time goes on...like i said, chances are that garages will need to equip themselves which will always be given time to do so within an extended period...so chances are, the initial test in Feb wont go much beyond visual, its the following months you really need to watch out for.


this is not only a uk government/vosa drive, there will be increasing pressure fom many other powerful bodies to really tighten loopholes...including europe, health depts in all their guises and the car manufacturers themselves.


knowing VOSA as i do, i wouldnt be in the least bit suprised if they leave a gaping hole big enough for a supertanker to sail through...but that pressure might make a big difference this time especially as i said, they are about to become merged into a very powerful body.